DIY: Chic decor style for exclusive destination weddings

DIY: Chic decor style for exclusive weddings

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Every bride wants their wedding to be exclusive, that’s why we’re here to help you achieve this with the very best hints, tips and ideas. If you’re a lover of all things DIY and a rustic style, how about decorating your wedding venue by reusing old objects?

savePhoto: Anne Kathrin BehnkeLearn more about “DIY”
Photo: Anne Kathrin Behnke

You too can create some beautiful details to include in your wedding with just a few things that are lurking in your cupboards and in your loft. DIY has become an incredibly popular trend in decor styling at weddings and we absolutely love it!

Wooden boxes, glass jars, tins, wine corks, light bulbs and even scraps of fabric… many objects that you thought would be useless can be reused to create a very special style. You’ll soon be able to decorate your big day just as you’ve always dreamed!

savePhoto: Paradores / Closer to love PhotographerLearn more about “Parador de Vic - Sau”
Parador de Vic – Sau. Photo: Paradores / Closer to love Photographer

This is why we think you should choose a special venue for a unique destination wedding, such as the Parador de Vic – Sau or the Parador de Guadalupe, two very special venues in Spain that will charm you and your guests, not just because of their spectacular location and incredible views but for the countless options that these venues offer for you to personalise your day just the way you want. Their outdoor spaces are always a fantastic way to style a DIY wedding with beautiful tables in a magnificent outdoor setting. Using wild flowers for a rustic outdoor reception will make your wedding a true work of art.

savePhoto: Paradores / Closer to Love PhotographerLearn more about “Parador de Guadalupe ”
Parador de Guadalupe. Photo: Paradores / Closer to Love Photographer
savePhoto: Sara LoblaLearn more about “DIY”
Photo: Sara Lobla

Your wedding decor speaks volumes about you as a couple and your style, but it’s the venue you choose that really makes the difference. When choosing a Parador, your guests will remember your wedding as a magical event in a very special place with a decor style that everyone dreams about for such an important day.

savePhoto: Paradores / Felipe LuzLearn more about “Parador de Arcos de la Frontera”
Parador de Arcos de la Frontera. Photo: Paradores / Felipe Luz

Old wine corks, wooden boxes and glass jars can all be used as wonderful focal points for your wedding reception. Hard to believe but true! Spectacular works of art can be achieved by reusing a few old objects and placing them in a fairytale venue such as the Parador de Arcos de la Frontera, that offers you the possibility of celebrating the rustic wedding of your dreams with details that will convert a standard wedding into something unique and very special in the simplest of ways.

savePhoto: Patricia RibaLearn more about “DIY”
Photo: Patricia Riba
savePhoto: Anne Kathrin BehnkeLearn more about “DIY”
Photo: Anne Kathrin Behnke

Old wooden objects, flowers and vintage suitcases that with a little bit of TLC can create a chic setting just like in these pretty photos. Are you considering DIY decor? It’s so easy to do and you’ll be able to reep the rewards and praise from the looks on your guests’ faces… they’ll love it!

saveParador de Alarcón. Photo: Paradores / Closer to Love PhotographerLearn more about “Parador de Alarcón”
Parador de Alarcón. Photo: Paradores / Closer to Love Photographer

You only need to gather a few old bits and bobs that will become treasures for your wedding, filling your big day with love, elegance and sophistication. Your magnificent style will engrain itself in the hearts of your guests who will not only congratulate you on your nuptials but also on your hard work and creative ways!

savePhoto: Patricia RibaLearn more about “DIY”
Photo: Patricia Riba
savePhoto: Josep Artés / Jeff Sampson / Josh DevottoLearn more about “DIY”
Photo: Josep Artés / Jeff Sampson / Josh Devotto

If you’re seriously considering making and styling things yourself then think no more! DIY is a wonderful way of saving money and adding your own personal touch to the most special day of your life, allowing you to create your own works of art in your own special way. Creating a wedding that everyone will remember is within reach, so get your DIY hat on and get planning!

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