Top Tips to Consider When Tasting and Choosing your Perfect Wedding Cake!

Wedding cake tasting can be one of the most enjoyable parts of planning your wedding. You get to go to bakeries and taste some of the most moist and delicious cakes on the market. What could be better? Read our top tips for that all-important taste session and choose the cake of your dreams!

Top Tips to Consider When Tasting and Choosing your Perfect Wedding Cake!
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After choosing your wedding dress, wedding cake tasting may be the next best thing to check off the to-do list when it comes to planning your wedding. The thought of trying all those delicious morsels of wedding cake sounds so appetising and appealing. But to prevent you from the overwhelming choice of going for a classic sponge or the more adventurous red velvet, here are our tips for picking the perfect wedding cake.

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 Don’t taste everything in one day


One of the most classic mistakes is to cram all your cake tastings in one day. You might have to taste about 4-5 different types of cakes and although it may sound like heaven for those who have a sweet tooth, but you may never want to eat another slice of cake ever again! The problem with doing all the tastings in one day is that your palate will be used to the taste of the last cake, and consequently, you won’t be able to appreciate the flavour of the following cakes as they are. It’s like eating something after you’ve brushed your teeth. To combat this, try and spread out the tastings so you can give your palate a chance to return to normal and therefore be able make the best choice based on the true flavour of each cake.

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Bring ideas and take notes

To help your wedding cake supplier, go along with ideas of what style, design, size and, most importantly, budget for your cake. It is a good idea to take photos if you can. When you’re discussing the options, take detailed notes about the cake to compare and contrast with other suppliers after you’ve completed all the tastings.

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Size matters

Consider how many guests you have attending and ask your wedding cake supplier about the size of the slices so you can work out how big your wedding cake needs to be. It may sound ideal to over-cater: more for you surely? But the sad matter of the fact is that leftover cake is only good for so long!

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 Wedding cake weather

May sound like a weird one, but actually pretty important! Consider the weather when choosing your wedding cake. If you’re having an outdoor reception, remember that certain types of icing won’t be able to cope with warmer temperatures, so maybe opt for a trusty, stylish naked cake.

Eat before you taste

Just like going shopping on an empty stomach and buying needless things, tasting wedding cakes on an empty stomach is a similar experience. Your hunger will make you think you’re tasting the best cake ever rather than making an informed choice based on your taste buds. So go prepared and eat a meal beforehand!

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Taste each flavour separately

Try and taste all the cakes, icing and fillings separately to give you the opportunity to try and choose what you really like. Its also good to start with the lighter cakes before moving onto to those that are richer in flavour and fuller in sponge.

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Keep hydrated

Drink plenty of water during the tasting to keep your palate as cleansed and hydrated as possible between each tasting. It will help you to determine the different flavours and textures. But, most importantly, enjoy the experience (and the excuse!) of eating as much cake as you possibly can without feeling guilty!

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So you now you know what to do during your tasting session! Obviously, have fun with it, but if you find yourself getting a touch overwhelmed, take a step back and go back to tasting later on. There is always the option to have various flavours, if you can’t make your mind up so don’t panic!

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