8 Apps That Will Help You And Your Guests Prepare For Your Wedding

Mobile apps make our day to day lives that much easier, so why would we not use them when organising our weddings? Here we show you the best 8 apps that will help you with your big day! Las aplicaciones móviles nos facilitan la vida, así que... ¿por qué no utilizarlas para organizar nuestra boda? Aquí tienes 10 apps que te ayudarán en tu gran día.

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A wedding has always been considered a great event, and a great opportunity for people to get together and celebrate. However, the journey from engagement to the aisle is not always paved with gold, and there are always things that get missed, or aspects that don’t go exactly to plan. Planning a wedding can become a very chaotic process, and so we’re here to help you avoid all of that stress in the easiest possible way.

To make sure that you’re not overwhelmed by the sheer size of the wedding industry, you need to have tools and devices that you can find in your pocket and always have with you in case something arises spontaneously. Check out the following apps which we are sure will make organising your big day a whole lot easier – on your mobile, tablet, or laptop.

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Sure, consider this us tooting our own horn, but if we’re honest, we have reason to… The Zankyou app is one of the most comprehensible and efficient electronic tools available in the wedding world. It brings together all of Zankyou’s services – from the magazine, to the wedding list, to the wedding website – into one dynamic, intuitive and easy-to-use place. Not only can you search through our brilliant articles (if we say so ourselves), you can make changes to your website in seconds, and keep an eye on your wedding list as your guests continue to contribute to it. Additionally, on your website, you can check up on all of your planning: responses to invites, seating charts and gifts are all easily monitored.

Additionally, Zankyou comes with a large directory which includes the best providers for your wedding day according to their country and region. Zankyou manages a whole host of categories which you can search through, such as venues, photographers, videographers, makeup artists, musicians… and the list goes on! Similarly, the kind of topics we cover in our online magazines are all-encompassing: the best products, inspiration, Real Weddings, culture, the best honeymoon destinations… you name it, we’ve covered it! We want you to have the best wedding possible, so we’ve designed our app to make sure this happens.


This app for Android and iOS allows groups to make and receive payments, whether it is for a meal, rent, a trip or any other important event. The system keeps a count of what every member of the group owes, and automatically calculates the amount that needs to be paid in the case of there being multiple payments in transit. After the money has been transferred, the app creates a short summary of what everyone has paid, in the case that someone has forgotten. Every movement is recorded in a digital format, so nobody can get out of that transferring that missing tenner. It is a very popular app.

This app is ideal for couples planning their wedding in the case that they do not have a joint account, and are struggling to keep control of how much each of them is spending. However, its use extends beyond just the pair getting married – guests who are pooling money to buy something extravagant as a gift can also benefit from it, as can couples who are borrowing money from parents or friends to afford certain aspects of their big day. It’s a very handy thing!

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The well-known renting platform is becoming essential for many couples and their weddings if they involve travel. Couples are often able to stay at their venue on their wedding night, and some hotels and manor houses offer discounts for wedding parties – however, these kinds of rooms can be inordinately expensive, and so for guests in need of alternative accommodation, AirBnB is perfect. You need only input the city where you will be staying – anywhere in the world – the number of people, and the type of accommodation you’d like, and within seconds, you’ll have options available. Obviously, there is more choice in larger cities – London has 64,000 listings, whereas Bristol has around 3,000. However, with 4.85 million worldwide, you’re sure to find somewhere suitable wherever in the world you are! It’s available on Google Play, and in the App Store.


Possibly the most used music app in the world on Android and iOS, Spotify has to be one of the best inventions of the century. Boasting the largest online directory of music in the world (though we have to say, their Cher selection needs work!), users can choose to listen to albums as they exist, or create their own playlists for free of charge. Spotify also creates playlists for you based on the music you normally listen to – and suggests new tracks and bands it thinks you might like – and so has become a great app for up and coming musicians. Upgrading to a premium account means that users don’t have to connect to the internet to listen to their music, and can listen all day long.

The app also functions as a social media hub, in that you can add and invite your friends and colleagues to share music, discover your own, and create playlists together. For your wedding, we wouldn’t recommend that you depend entirely on an app, but it can serve as great inspiration for your DJ, and can be played during speeches and special moments to add an extra touch of magic.


One of the best apps to get into shape for your big day is MyFitnessPal on Android and iOS. We recommend it because the app doesn’t just proffer ideas for particular exercises, but also allows you to keep track of exactly what you’re eating (and also calorie counts, though we wouldn’t say this is the best approach to take). The app has more than six million foods registered, meaning that if you scan the barcode of your food, you’ll be able to find out its chemical makeup – as a general rule, avoid sat fats and foods with a high sugar content! It’s the perfect app if you want to shift a few pounds for your wedding day, or moreso if you just want to make sure you’re eating healthily. With its exercise tips, you’ll be able to design a routine that works well for you.


We’re not going to spend time describing Netflix to you, but we would recommend it as the best way to take a breather from wedding planning and enjoy a quiet evening with your partner, or your bride squad. With a mountain of content – from rom coms that will make you glad you never went to an American high school, to thrillers that will help you disconnect completely – there’s something for everyone. And if you’re short on inspiration, of course they have wedding related films – last time we checked, Mamma Mia was definitely still there… Netflix is great to have with you, and you can download it on Google Play, or from the App Store.


On the theme of taking a break, Calm is the perfect app to help you truly relax via your Android or iPhone. It is all to do with meditation for beginners, and you can use it to really de-stress before your wedding. If you get started with a few months to go, and practice it regularly, meditation can be a fantastic tool for calming last minute nerves, alongside making sure you’re getting enough sleep during the process.

Pantone Studio

Available for iOS, this brilliant app is guaranteed to make designing and decorating your wedding easier. We’re talking about colour schemes in particular, because Pantone is the most highly-qualified company in this area of the industry. How it works is thus: you choose a colour on the app, and the system offers you a variety of complementary tones and shades, allowing you to build up a colour palette that looks chic and professional. You can also play with colours and patterns until you have exactly the look you were hoping for. This can help not only with decorations, but with choosing accessories, invitations, and even bridesmaids dresses. It’s a great thing to have in your pocket!

A wedding is the culmination of a hundred separate plans and ideas, and now, you can do all of it on your mobile. If you want to organise your wedding with ease, then look no further than Zankyou, but don’t forget about the host of other complementary apps out there that will make organising your wedding a piece of cake!

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