I Will Video: Why Having a Videographer is a Great Idea!

Your wedding day will undoubtedly be a day you'll want to remember forever, but of course, you can't rely on just your memory. Hire a videographer to make sure you don't forget all the important details

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Your wedding day will undoubtedly be a day you’ll want to remember forever, but of course, you can’t rely on just your memory. There’ll be so many things happening and you’ll be talking to all of your guests, meaning that you won’t get much chance to just sit back and take it all in. However, a way in which you can make sure you don’t forget all the important details is if you hire a videographer. Although you’ll want to hire a photographer for those beautiful stand stills, hiring a videographer allows you to remember the day just as it was, all included.


We spoke to Jess from one of our favourite videography companies in London, I Will Video, about why hiring a wedding videographer is something you won’t regret!

Photo: I Will Video

You Make A New Friend

Your videographer will be in charge of one of the most important jobs at your wedding, so it’s really important to get to know them before the big day to create a comfortable relationship. Meeting them at a pub, cafe or somewhere relaxing, and getting to know each other will create a more friendly, rather than professional, atmosphere. By the end you’ll know each other a bit more and your videographer will be more informed about what it is you want out of your wedding video.

They’ll Capture The Important Stuff

The great thing about hiring a wedding videographer is that the video will capture all the things that wedding photography cannot. If it’s possible, ask your videographer to have both your and your partner’s preparations captured. It’s likely to be the only part of the day when you’ll be apart and having the chance to see you partner getting ready behind the scenes is so much fun! It can also be an incredibly personal and intimate part of the day, especially if you’re thinking about exchanging letters or gifts. Why not go one step further and read your letter or card aloud. Your videographer can capture the audio and use it in the film to give it that extra personal touch.

Photo: I Will Video

A Present For Not Just You

All your wedding guests will be important to you of course, but there might be a handful of invitees, such as family who live far away, for whom you’d like to do something extra special. For those special guests, having a wedding video recorded is a nice little gift, especially for grandparents who we know love showing all their friends the day their grandchild married their best friend.

Photo: I Will Video


Guestimonials are video testimonials from your guests. Choosing to do this is a great idea. They’re such personal, heartfelt and hilarious snippets of joy that can be weaved into your film or made into a separate video. If you’ve hired a videographer this is an addition that you’ll be ever-thankful for. Guestimonials are a lovely way of personalising your video and after a few drinks, your guests will love getting involved. Not all wedding videographers offer this, so it’s important to ask beforehand. At I Will Video they do, and you can really make the most of this with a 10% discount code exclusively for Zankyou readers with the promo-code below:


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