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Why You Should Hire a Hairstylist For Your Wedding Day: Louise Alway Tells Us Why It's An Essential!

This week, expert hairstylist Louise Alway tells us the reasons why hiring a professional for your hair on your wedding day is an absolute essential - don't just take it from us, take it from someone who knows!

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We at Zankyou believe that a hairstyle – in the same way as makeup, and of course the dress itself – can make or break a wedding look. Protecting our hair from the rain and wind is one of the major reasons that we tend to organise our weddings in the summer, and of course, we all want to look absolutely perfect for the camera – so we can look back on the photos of our big days without any regret! As a result, we have always believed that brides should hire a professional hairstylist for their wedding day – but you don’t have to just take our word for it. We’re pleased to pass you onto the winner of the ‘Best Wedding Hairstylist’ award at the nationally-acclaimed Wedding Industry Awards, Louise Alway

Credits: Louise Alway Bridal Hairstylist.

Your wedding morning has arrived and the last thing on your mind should be… “will my hair behave today?!!” There are many benefits of hiring a professional to create your dream style, here are just a few!


The morning of your wedding should be your time to relax and enjoy! All the decisions have been made and all the months of planning have paid off, this is your time to enjoy a morning of pampering with your bridesmaids! With a professional to hand this is one less thing to think about!

Creating the perfect style for you

So you’ve found a style you like, or maybe you’ve pulled together a Pinterest board. Having a professional to give to advise what will work for you is invaluable. Will it suit your face shape, compliment your dress, work with your hair colour and texture? At the consultation stage I advise my brides-to-be on whether their current cut and colour is the best it can be to compliment the chosen style.

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Credits: Grace Elizabeth Photo


Even the simplest of styles requires a lot of prep to ensure it lasts into the midnight hours and withstands some dancing! Whatever style I am creating, I use the right products to give the hair the required texture first, whether its a salt based product to give thickness and a beachy finish or a cream to give moisture and softness.

This is followed by ensuring the hair has the correct base to work from, this could be a smooth blowdry for a sleek polished look or perhaps tong or roller setting to create bounce and fullness. These foundations really do make the difference to the longevity of your style!


Everyone that’s been part of a wedding more knows.. time flies by! Especially that last hour! When working out a plan with my brides prior to the day, I always build in a little contingency time just in case! This way the morning runs smoothly and everyone knows when they are needed!

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Credits: Lina and Tom Photography

Someone on hand to help out

Just having someone that knows what’s what on a wedding morning is a great help, there has been many a wedding morning where I have helped a bride into their dress, dried the bouquets stems to prevent water stained dresses etc etc. With all the excitement and busy-ness of a wedding morning it’s a great help to have someone to lend a hand!

Creating picture perfect hair

Even if opting for a simple undone style like perhaps some soft waves, there are many things a skilled professional will do to ensure a picture perfect style. Ensuring it looks perfect from every angle and smoothing any unwanted ‘fly-aways’ the camera may pick up!

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Credits: Louise Alway Bridal Hairstylist

Evening look

For those brides wishing to change their look for the evening, a second style is a great option. Perhaps you’ve opted for an elegant up do for the day and wish to shake it loose for the party! Or perhaps you’re going for a bright lip or even a change of dress for the evening and wish for a change of hairstyle to compliment.

Those final touches

The right accessory can really finish a style and bring the whole look together. Having your hair styled professionally means you have someone to fit these into the style and most importantly to make sure they won’t move an inch! No one wants a run away veil on a windy day!

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Credits: Louise Alway Bridal Hairstylist

…and relax

Last but certainly not least, what could be better on your wedding morning than sitting (maybe with a glass of bubbly in hand!) and being totally pampered!

And for even more advice on this topic, check out Zankyou’s video on the top 5 hairstyles for 2019!

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