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Honeymoon in Vienna: A Classical Destination for the Most Romantic Getaway

Austria is one of the most highly-regarded cities in Europe - and for good reason! A haven for culture, food and shopping, there's no better cosmopolitan heaven for your city-honeymoon!

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Vienna is the ideal honeymoon destination for the most refined couples. A cultural hub that was once home to such astounding historical figures as Mozart, Gustav Klimt and Sigmund Freud, Vienna is the largest city in Austria as well as being its largest, welcoming nearly 7 million visitors every year. And beyond the cultural attraction, you can truly see why – astonishingly beautiful architecture, some of the most delicious food in the world, and the world-renowned Viennese Opera House can all be found here. If you’re searching for a city-based honeymoon for your first getaway as a married couple, then there is nowhere more luxurious or accommodating than Vienna. 

Photo via Shutterstock: Brian Kinney.

A brief introduction 


Vienna has been classed as the best city to live in the world on a variety of occasions, most recently surpassing its Australian rival Melbourne in 2018 (so your honeymoon has gotten a little cheaper already there!). The city itself is pristine, but still buzzing with character and vibrancy – you won’t see graffiti in the streets, but you will find art museum after art museum full of the world’s greatest pieces; if you like Gustav Klimt, then this is the place to be! German is the most widely spoken language, but English-speakers are very easy to find, and you won’t have any trouble navigating thanks to their excellent metro and tram systems.

Photo via Shutterstock.

What to do 

If you’re after a beach honeymoon, then Vienna is not the place. However, of all the European cities that you could visit, this is the one we would secretly recommend most highly! The entire city is a non-stop tour of unmissable monuments and activities – you won’t have a chance to get bored, we can promise you that. Some of the best things to do and visit in the city centre include: the MuseumQuarter (one of the largest cultural arts centres in the world), the Natural History Museum (objectively better than the one in London!), the Hofburg Palace complex, and the National Library (we hear you rolling your eyes, but we promise it’s worth a trip!). And if you’re bored of taking the metro or walking, then why not travel in style in a carriage?

Photo via Shutterstock.

However, perhaps the key feature of Vienna is its Opera House. Established in 1869, this majestic building is even more beautiful on the interior, and a short hour-tour is definitely recommended. Even moreso, we recommend that you book to see a performance. Opera in and of itself is an intensely romantic thing; emotive, moving and poignant, seeing any of the operas available during the year is guaranteed to imbue your honeymoon with romance. The venue – and the bar inside! – definitely help as well.

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The surrounding areas

Like its European neighbours, Vienna is incredibly well connected vis-à-vis public transport, meaning that you’ll be able to do some real exploring during your honeymoon – whether you’re there for a few days whilst backpacking across the continent, or relaxing in a hotel there for two weeks. One of the most obvious places to hop on the train to is the Schönbrunn Palace and Orangerie, which takes approximately twenty minutes on the metro – there’s enough to see here to keep you occupied for a few hours, and why not bring a picnic to enjoy in their luscious gardens? After strolling the acres of land, the Palace restaurant is also a lovely place to stop for a romantic meal for two…

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But if you’re a more fun-loving couple looking for some action and excitement, then hop onto the other platform on the metro and visit the Viennese Prater. An amusement park located on the outskirts of the city, it is worth going just for the view you get from the giant ferris wheel – definitely Instagram-worthy if you have the weather for it (which you will between May and September!). Aside from this, there are a hundred other attractions, plenty of fast-food if you’re in the mood, and a lot of fun to be had within!

Photo via Shutterstock: frantic00

And do always bear in mind that Salzburg – home to the Sound of Music, and some of the most idyllic mountain scenery in the world – is only two hours away via train! If you’ve settled in the Austrian capital for more than a week, it’s definitely worth packing an overnight bag and visiting this historic city.

The food

If you have a sweet tooth, then you are going to have the absolute time of your life in Vienna. This city has some of the most decadent pastry shops in the world, and we would recommend that you try absolutely everything – it really does taste as good as it looks! From sachertorte (chocolate) to esterhazytorte (custard) to Austria’s characteristic apfelstrudel (apple), it is well worth finding a small bakery and sitting for an hour or two and enjoying a selection of sweet treats with a glass of Almdudler (which tastes similar to elderflower), or a cup of coffee.

Photo via Shutterstock: PitK

Culinary options are vast in Vienna. If you want a taste of home, you’ll be able to find a marvellous burger place or steak-house without any difficulty, but having your honeymoon somewhere as lavish as here means you can venture a little further out. Why not go for a cosy evening at the Dom Pérignon Lounge and accompany a gourmet meal with a glass of the fanciest champagne in Europe? Or how about a trip to the Viennese Casino Restaurant, and really make a night of it? However, if you’re travelling with more sense than money (!), then make sure you try some of the commonplace traditional dishes they serve in every restaurant, including wiener schnitzel (fried veal in breadcrumbs), tafelspitz (boiled beef) and beuschel (veal ragu). You can’t have a bad meal in Vienna!

Photo via WestJet Magazine

Where to stay 

As with… well everything in Vienna, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation. There are over 8,000 AirBnB locations available for you to choose from – and the aforementioned expertise in public transport means you’ll never be too far from the action. However, if you’re looking for something a little more upscale for your honeymoon, then can we suggest the Hotel Schloss Wilhelminenberg? Set amongst 12 acres of private land – perfect for a night-time stroll – this 4* hotel was once an imperial hunting ground for the Royal Family, since converted into a beautiful hotel. Far enough from the centre that you can have some peace and quiet – but close enough that you can still experience the heart of Vienna, make the most of your guests’ donations to your honeymoon fund!

Photo: Austria Trend Hotel Schloss Wilhelminenberg

Take a tour around one of the most lavish cities in Europe for your honeymoon, and feel like a millionaire strolling down the main highstreet. Brimming with the most enviable cultural attractions and full of diverse things to see and do, Vienna truly is the jewel of the European continent. So start saving now, and you’ll have the most incredible time splashing out in this social hub – and you’ll definitely be in for one of the most romantic trips of your life!

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