Wedding Planning Made Easy: What Advantages Can Zankyou Offer You And Your Guests?

Without a doubt, Zankyou is the easiest and most efficient service that benefits both you and your guests in an otherwise stressful wedding planning process. Your peace of mind is our top priority!

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It’s time to marry that person that you love the most, that person who makes you smile every day. A wedding really is a unique moment in which your friends and family can join in and celebrate your union.

That’s why at Zankyou you’ll find all the necessary tools to organise your wedding in an easy, personalised and exclusive way. Here you will find endless services for your wedding planning process, so that it’s both simple and fun.

Avoid stress with our free App where you can plan your wedding at the click of a button. Zankyou is also the perfect site for you if you want your guests to get the most out of your incredible wedding, so read on to find out more.

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Create your wedding website instantly

Your guests will only have to click on the link that you send them with your web address or search through the mobile app or Zankyou website with your names to find your personalised wedding page.

Designed for you and your guests

Your wedding website and your wedding gift list will be developed in a very intuitive way so that your guests can easily access your personal page and be able to find all the information about your big day: the date, the exact location on maps, how to arrive, confirmation of attendance, transport, menu options with dietary requirements, and they can even write a comment or share a photo easily, book a hotel and choose your wedding gift, etc.

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A reliable and secure way to pay

With your online cash gift list you can guarantee that your guests will not have any problem making a contribution, since we offer all payment methods and in most existing currencies. It works like any usual Internet payment, by credit card or bank transfer.

Your guests simply have to select the amount they wish to give and make the payment conveniently from their mobile or tablet. They will automatically receive a confirmation of payment with a corresponding reference number. They will also be able to leave you a congratulatory message and you’ll also be able to thank them in response through our easy messaging system.

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Your congratulatory message in the form of a card

Your guests are in luck, since not everything has to be online. They can also send you their congratulatory message by postal mail in the form of a beautiful greeting card. A lovely memory that can be ordered and sent at the time they come to pay for their gift.

A multi-lingual team, available 24 hours a day

Zankyou is present in 24 countries with a native team from each country, so if you have international guests they can order your gift comfortably through the international payment gateway or even over the phone. Guests can also confirm attendance or ask for help directly with us regarding your wedding website and gift list so that you don’t have to worry about anything yourselves.

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Without a doubt, Zankyou is the easiest and most efficient service that benefits both you and your guests in an otherwise stressful wedding planning process. Your peace of mind is our top priority!

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