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Fun and quirky themed bar ideas to wow your guests during the reception!

Bring a touch of fun to your wedding reception with these fab and quirky ideas for a themed bar!

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Looking for that class A entertainment that puts the yay into your wedding day? Then look no further! Label Emotion London have put their expert heads together to come up with some top notch ideas that bring that touch of fun to your wedding reception– We’re talking bars. And not just the alcholic type, but fun and quirky bar ideas that are suitable for all ages, and all wedding themes. Simple to create, and super fun for your guests, they can be adapted for any budget and definitely an idea worth considering!

saveFab Bar ideas from Label' Emotion London
Fab Bar ideas from Label’ Emotion London

Here are a few fab bar ideas you to get you started. Some of them are easier to create than others but as long as you’ve got a dash of creativity and a desire for a bit of DIY, that’s all you’ll need! If you would rather a professional take care of your venue styling however, wedding planner Label’ Emotion London will be sure to have all the answers.

The Chocolate Bar 

For all you chocolate lovers, this bar could be heaven on earth! Bound to be an instant hit with anyone and everyone the possibilities of choice are endless! Why not have an array of all the chocolates; white, dark, milk, caramel, and you could even go a step further offering hot chocolate beverages, chocolate truffles, cookies, and even a chocolate fountain with fruits, and other tasty treats for dipping… You could even incorporate it into your wedding cake! Anyone else thinking yum?

saveLabel' Emotion Cote D'Azur
Label’ Emotion Cote D’Azur

The Confetti Bar 

Get your guests involved with a super fun confetti bar! When your ceremony is over your guests can choose the confetti they throw over you- from flowers petals, sequins & glitter, to multicolour paper ones, it’s a chance for lots of giggles, and fab photo opps! Perfect for a personal touch at the ceremony!

saveCredits: Debbie Lourens Photography
Credits: Debbie Lourens Photography

The Popcorn Bar 

Maybe the most simple of all! Grab a few jars in various shapes and sizes, write some personalised labels and choose your favourites flavours; sweet, salty, caramel, sweet and salty, vanilla… Why not push the boat out and add in a few savoury flavours too!

saveCredits: Elaine Studley of HayMcKenna Fine Photography
Credits: Elaine Studley of HayMcKenna Fine Photography
saveCredits: Lauren Rae Photogrpahy
Credits: Lauren Rae Photogrpahy

The Champagne bar

An absolute classic! Champagne is an old favourite at weddings, so why not create a bar to honour it? A fun twist would be to partner it with various fruits to create personalised champagne cocktails for your guests, bound to go down a treat!

saveCredits: Soon By Katie
Credits: Soon By Katie

The Beer bar

Ideal for summer weddings, this bar will most probably be a hit with the male guests! It can be used from the reception drinks up to the evening party. You can provide locally produced beers or choose a selection of your favourites. It might be fun for you and your partner to brew your own beer beforehand and serve your own special beer!

saveCredits: Martha and George Photography
Credits: Martha and George Photography
saveCredits: Kaitlin Noel Photography
Credits: Kaitlin Noel Photography

Whichever idea you choose, make sure you add in some sign posting so your guests can find it! Then sit back and relax, and enjoy your big day with all your friends and family!

If you need more inspiration or want some professional advice for creating your own perfect day, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Aude from Label’Emotion London who will be able to help create your dream wedding!

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