Personalise your 2016 wedding ceremony and reception: Inspiring decoration ideas with letters and initials

As you know, it's the details that make the difference! So be sure to check out this fabulous gallery which shows you ideas for decorating your 2016 wedding with your initials!

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You’re wedding day is fast approaching. You’ve been finalizing the details and adding the finishing touches, but still, you’re not sure what to do about a few spots that just don’t seem suitably decorated. Never fear! Zankyou UK is here with some brilliant ideas for completing the decor and making sure every detail is perfect for your big day! Today we’ll be exploring a gallery of ceremonies and celebrations decorated with letter motifs. Don’t miss it!

There are so many options for using the Bride and Groom’s initials or other pretty emblematic letters. In addition, many of these ideas are perfect for a DIY decor project! Adorning initials with flowers or any other type of wild plants is one charming idea, and using materials like paper mache or wine bottle corks to add texture is another. Both produce delightful letter decorations that are perfect for a rustic, country-chic style wedding. For a different aesthetic, opt for lighted or illuminating letters to place at the entrance of the venue or in the center of the tables.

Hip, funny and original, using lettered initials to decorate your wedding gives it a very personal touch. There are tons of options and you can also decorate with little words to signpost venue amenities for your guests.

Still haven’t found the perfect decor idea for your tables and place settings? What about the ceremony? We know you’ll find something here in our galleries to inspire you. Make sure you check them out!

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