Discover Groom Style Trends for 2016

It's not all about the bride, so check out our gallery full of inspirational groom styles you are bound to love.

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He wanted to put a ring on it and you said yes, so now it’s time to set a date. But before all brides-to-be go full steam ahead with the wedding planning, we want to give you a friendly reminder that although the dress is one of the important parts of planning the big day, lets not forget about the groom’s style. If there’s one day a man has to look better than ever it’s on his wedding day because there’ll definitely be a photo or two to document the once in a lifetime outfit! To give you some pointers we’ve gathered these swoon worthy looks for the 2016 groom!

Edgy and classic tailoring makes the cut for 2016 groom attire, from impeccable traditional suits to very elegant tuxedos. All made with the finest fabrics and wool, plain or pinstripe. The key to looking dapper this year is a well fitting suit, with a splash of colour in a tie, vest or scarf. From this selection of the 2016 styles for groom to be seen in, you are sure to find one that expresses the right personality and individuality.

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