DIY Wedding Flowers: Make your own floral centrepieces

DIY Wedding Flowers: Make your own floral centrepieces

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If you’re going down the DIY route for your wedding, you’ll soon discover that some things are easier than others to make yourself.


Whether you’re creative or not, centrepieces are probably one of the easiest things to make yourself. Centrepieces can literally be anything tailored to your theme, wedding colours or to your hobbies and the things you most love. A pile of vintage books for a vintage themed wedding if you’re a bit of a bookworm, a giant vase full of colourful retro sweets for a retro wedding if you have a bit of a sweet tooth or a variety of candles in various sizes and in different shaped candleholders if you’re looking for something romantic and classic.

If it’s definitely flowers you want for your centrepieces our friends at Bride de Force have shown us how quick and simple it can be to create your own works of art. You just need the flowers of your choice, some ribbon in your chosen colour and a few basic garden tools that you may already have at home, or that can be bought easily and very cheaply at your local garden centre.

Have a look at this great video and have fun experimenting with the flowers of your choice. You’ll be so proud once you’ve mastered it and can boast about your stunning centrepieces on your big day!


Video credits: Bride de Force via Youtube




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