How to begin planning your 2016 Bohemian style wedding

You know you want a Bohemian style wedding, but where do you begin planning to bring it all together, making it your day, your way. Here, read the first 5 tips on things to consider when planning.

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There are numerous themes, colours, trends, eras, inspirations, designers and opinions on different wedding ideas but what is the theme or style that you can personalise the most….Bohemian Chic!


This is such an open styled theme that you an incorporate as much or as little as you want to create the desired effect. You can include members of the wedding party, base it on your location or wedding reception venue, time of year, colour charts and much much more.

Or….you can include a little bit of all the above. The great thing with this theme is there are no limits or rigid styles are deemed as ‘must have’s.’ Firstly, you have to think about what the theme means to you and if you were invited to a wedding that was boho chic hat would you expect to see and experience? This is the easiest trick in becoming creative and thinking outside of the box. So where do you start…

1. Your personal moodboard. How are you supposed to just pluck a whole wedding style from thin air, it is a creative and gradual process. You need to document your inspirations and ideas as and when they ping to mind, so you should take magazine clippings, photos, quotes, fabric swatches and most importantly where you got the idea from. Make sure you date each inspiring idea because once finished, this will make an amazing framed memory to look back on.

savePhoto: Christophe Viseu
Photo: Christophe Viseu

2. Colour scheme. Depending on the time of year you will need to decide on a colour scheme, it dosen’t have to be rigid and set to be only one or specific colours, but to give you an idea to bring the whole idea together its always good to have a base colour to work with. Then you can add accent colours such as an autumn pastel pink complimented by a fresh green, this will also dictate what type of flowers you would like!

savePhoto: Adrian Tomadin
Photo: Adrian Tomadin

3. FOOD! This is a super important detail no matter what wedding you are hosting or attending, lets face it we always remember the wedding where we had cold turkey or the BBQ burnt everything and was almost inedible. You do NOT want this, you want something that compliments the idea of Boho Chic, and that could be with a buffet, hot food, finger food, a nice warm stew or organic finger food. Remember that if you are claiming to have a ‘theme’ there has to be a reason to have the theme and the details of the day should compliment the chosen idea.

Photo: David de Biasi

4. Decoration. So you love church candles and wreaths, GREAT these can definitely be incorporated into the wedding, whether cute small centrepieces or a candle lined aisle to walk up (health and safety providing) you need to think of how you can transform your venue in the boho style location and create that comfortable, cosy atmosphere that will make your guests feel comfortable and relaxed. You can create a lot of DIY decor so it can be personalised annd made exactly how you want it!

savePhoto: Felipe Luz- Kathie Brasil from Cetim
Photo: Felipe Luz- Kathie Brasil from Cetim
savePhoto: Javier Berenguer Fotografía
Photo: Javier Berenguer Fotografía

5.Wedding attire! Lets face it, all eyes are on the bride and of course groom alllll day and so the wedding dress and suit must be show stopping pieces. Apart from having to choose the right style that best compliments the bride you also need to consider your bohemian theme. So, do you want the ‘less is more’ look something more relaxed and informal with a short and comfortable style that includes thin straps and little detail, nothing fitted nor figure hugging or a cap sleeved, v neck romantic more formal wedding dress both of which you can accessorise with floral decor flower crowns, bangles and necklaces. As for the Groom, he will want to match your look, be comfortable and look the part, so is he looking for the two piece linen navy trousers and casually unbuttoned shirt or does he want to wear a quirky bow tie and brogues to compliment a more formal suit get up?

saveStone Fox Bride
Stone Fox Bride
savePhoto: Yeray Cruz
Photo: Yeray Cruz

Here are just five of the first things to consider when you start to plan your Bohemain themed wedding. This gives you an idea on how diverse the options are and how much fun you can have with creating a truly bespoke wedding day that you will enjoy and remember forever and always, with your nearest and dearest.


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