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5 Stunning Alternatives to a Traditional Flower Bouquet: Dare to be Different on Your Big Day!

If you're thinking about your bouquet and haven't yet considered a bouquet made out of paper, felt, brooches, shells or buttons, then why not? Here is our selection of the best alternatives to a traditional flower bouquet - because your bouquet deserves to be as unique as you are! Get inspired by these beautiful works of art and carry yours with pride!

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One of the many nice things about weddings is the fact that the bride and groom not only get to express their love and commitment to one another, but also their personalities both as individuals and as a couple.

Nowadays, unconventionality is very welcome in the wedding world. In a society where individuality is becoming more and more celebrated, people are looking for ways to put their unique stamp on their wedding day. From personalised wedding invitations to unique wedding favours to guarantee your guests fond memories of your big day, customising your own big day is a welcome change from the traditional conventionalities of bygone years.

Pumpkin + PyeLearn more about “Pumpkin + Pye”
Pumpkin and Pye

When you think of a bridal bouquet, the image that comes automatically to mind is one made up of real flowers. Roses, gypsophilia, freesias, lilies, eucaplytus… But what about brides with allergies to flowers, or brides who want a more eco-friendly approach to their big day? What about brides who want something completely tailor-made to them? Something that nobody else in the world will have? Sometimes a real flower bouquet won’t suffice in these situations. So, on the topic of uniqueness, today we are bringing you the best alternatives to the traditional flower bouquet that we have found.

Each bouquet is made according to your personal taste/style and you are safe in the knowledge that your particular bouquet is one-of-a-kind and unique to you. Enjoy!

1. Brooch Bouquets

“A brooch bouquet?” we hear you ask. Despite it being rather obvious what it is, you’d be forgiven for having never considered carrying a bouquet of brooches down the aisle with you. That is the beauty of the alternative bouquet – the options are practically limitless. So why choose a bouquet made of brooches as opposed to the traditional fresh flower bouquet?

The very talented Amanda from Brooch Bride tells us that: Brooch bouquets are up and coming, they’re fresh, new, exciting and particularly something that I’m passionate about. A brooch bouquet can without a doubt be an heirloom. You can pass it on to your daughter, down the family line, watch it become a treasure. Of course within brooch bouquets there is an option to incorporate sentimental jewellery. A loved one’s photograph in a golden locket, old memoirs, real gold and silver antiques that mean something to you can be used to create something really unforgettable.” 

BroochbrideLearn more about “Broochbride”
Brooch Bride
BroochbrideLearn more about “Broochbride”
Brooch Bride

2. Felt Bouquets

Felt bouquets are a lovely alternative to the traditional flower bouquet for more artsy brides who aren’t scared to do something a little out there. The naivety of the stitching and the layering of the felt make for a very statement bouquet – ideal for someone who isn’t afraid of attracting the right kind of attention. Because of the vast array of vibrant colours of felt available, and the ability to customise your bouquet however you should want it, dynamic husband and wife team Pete and Jaime from Jamball Creations say that they “get to work with brides who dare to be different and allow us to create innovative and quirky designs. The biggest inspiration to us are the unique brides-to-be who want to inject their own personality in to their wedding day.”

Jamball Creations - Photo: Babb PhotoLearn more about “Jamball Creations - Photo: Babb Photo”
Jamball Creations – Photo: Babb Photo
Jamball Creations - Photo: Sarah Steven
Jamball Creations – Photo: Sarah Steven

3. Button Bouquets

Button bouquets have proven to be an incredibly popular choice for brides who have decided to opt for something different to a traditional bouquet. Why, though? Buttons are a pleasantly nostalgic accessory – an article that the mere sight of takes you back to a past time in your life. Reminiscent of grandmas, knitted items of clothing, school shirts…Nina Edwards even wrote an entire book on the significance of buttons, and why we love them.

The lovely Lesa from I Heart Buttons says that for some brides, “their bouquet creation has been the most exciting part of their wedding planning! As the bouquets can match all colours and themes, there is no limit to what I can create which makes it even more fun. I love every aspect of it, from choosing the special pieces for their bouquets, showing them photos of progress and then transforming them into beautiful bouquets they can treasure forever.  I truly love working with brides and grooms at such a happy time of their lives.”

I Heart ButtonsLearn more about “I Heart Buttons”
I Heart Buttons
I Heart ButtonsLearn more about “I Heart Buttons”
I Heart Buttons

4. Shell Bouquets

Using shells for your bouquet is perhaps one of the lesser obvious choices when it comes to your wedding, especially if you’re from a colder climate and shells seem to be a luxury not readily available to you! However, judging by this beautiful creation made by the wonderful Natasha at Pumpkin + Pye, if you’re open to broadening your creative horizons and thinking just that little bit outside the box, you will definitely not be disappointed! This would make a perfect accessory for a beach-themed wedding or a bride getting married on the beach.

“I love to recycle vintage pieces which would otherwise be forgotten into one-off bouquets which can be treasured.”

Pumpkin + PyeLearn more about “Pumpkin + Pye”
Pumpkin and Pye
Theresa Lauria
Theresa Lauria

5. Paper Bouquets

“Why paper flowers? I could go on all day! Paper is amazing, you can have your bouquet in any colour or combination imaginable, flowers made from comics, novels, love letters. Choose a classic, elegant, and realistic-looking bouquet or let your imagination run wild! Make your bouquet a bespoke and unique part of your wedding day that you can enjoy on display for year and years after the big day.” The incredibly creative Rebecca from PaperBouquetsUK sums up the versatility and, consequently, uniqueness of opting for a paper bouquet for your big day. Can you imagine anything more romantic than walking down the aisle whilst holding a bouquet made out of the first love letter your husband wrote for you? No, neither can we.

PaperBouquets UKLearn more about “PaperBouquets UK”
PaperBouquets UK
PaperBouquet UKLearn more about “PaperBouquet UK”
PaperBouquet UK

So there you have it – our 5 Spectacular Alternatives to the Traditional Flower Bouquet. We hope you’re inspired by this selection to really do something different and make your bouquet as memorable as the other decorations at your wedding. There’s no reason for you to carry a cookie-cutter bouquet for one day when you can keep one of these as a lifelong reminder of your special day. So what are you waiting for? Choose your favourite, contact a supplier and get the ball rolling!

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