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10 Perfect Winter Bouquets for 10 Types of Bride: Let your Flowers do the Talking on Your Big Day!

If you're getting married this winter and you haven't yet chosen your bouquet, then get inspired by this list of winter-appropriate flower combinations and choose your favourite!

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Picking out a bridal bouquet isn’t as easy as it seems, and it’s not just as simple as picking out a type of flower that you like the look of; it’s also important to think about your height, your dress, your style and the time of year that it will be when you get married. Of course, the most important thing is that you end up with a bouquet that you love, and that reflects your personality, but to help you get the creative process underway, here are a few ideas for brides who will be getting married during the winter months.

Photo: Greta Kenyon

Some of you will be sitting there wondering what the name of the flowers were that your best friend had at her wedding. Don’t worry, flower names can be rather long and complicated, so one of the best ways to keep track of the kind of flowers you might like is to take photos on your phone and keep them to hand to show the florist!

1. Brides looking for a touch of boho-chic

If you’re looking for boho-chic, think about mixing different types of flowers and think along the lines of fresh green and light tones. The great thing about this style of bouquet is that it’s perfect for winter and summer weddings. You could keep things classic with some roses which look great with eucalyptus, and finish off your look with some raffia to tie your bouquet together for that perfect boho bridal look.

Photo: Couche Photo

2. Brides looking for something a little different

So you’re sure that you don’t want certain flowers in your bouquet, but equally you’re not quite sure what you do want. Don’t worry, there’s the perfect bouquet out there, it’s just a case of thinking outside the box. How about including some delicate branches from a fruit tree in your bouquet, or perhaps even some sprigs of wheat – perfect for a rural style wedding.

Photo: Salones Carrasco

3. Minimalist brides

If you’ve got a small bouquet in mind, you could go for all sorts of roses, freesias or narcissi. If this is a style you are considering, perhaps consider keeping things natural and traditional with white flowers.

Photo: Vaya Par

4. Sophisticated brides

If your wedding dress is a sophisticated number, your bouquet doesn’t necessarily have to match it in terms of detail. Sometimes a simple and classic bouquet is the perfect complement to a statement dress.

Photo: Pilar Barrionuevo

5. Stylish brides

If you’re one of those brides who follows trends to the letter, or even if you want to be a bit different and you don’t want a classic bouquet you could choose something rustic; some sprigs of lavender can look gorgeous next to a white or ivory dress. Similarly, have a think about including some unique, wild flowers.

savePilar Barrionuevo
Photo: Pilar Barrionuevo

6. Classic Brides

Roses are par excellence for the classic bride. They can be used in an array of ways – in different colour combinations, in different varieties and styles; so if you like these kinds of flowers then you can’t go wrong with a winter bouquet made up of roses.

Photo: Volvoreta Bodas

7. Rural brides

Autumnal colours are perfect for winter weddings and add a warm and classic feel to any wedding. These gorgeous and seasonal red and orange tones are also perfect if you’re planning to have a rural wedding.

Photo: Eric Ronald Photography

8. Brides who are all about the detail

For the kind of brides who love detail and want their bouquet to be perfect, perhaps consider incorporating some of the herb family into your bouquet, not only do they smell and look wonderful, they are all full of significance too!

Photo: D-photo

9. Eco brides

If you like being eco-friendly and don’t want a bouquet with a serious carbon footprint, then why not opt for something beautifully simple and green. Think about including eucalyptus or olive sprigs – we think these sorts of bouquets could be big for 2017.

Check out Vinod + Célne’s Eco-Friendly Real Wedding here!

Photo: D-photo

10. Practical brides

If you don’t want to lose your mind over designing your bridal bouquet, don’t worry, you don’t have to! Here at Zankyou we love Paniculata. This type of flower is readily available and is inexpensive too. It also comes in a range of colours, including pink and white and look great at the main flower in a bouquet but also as a complementary flower too.

Photo: Conbdeboda

If you’re getting married this winter, dedicate ample time to choosing your bouquet well and don’t forget that it has to harmonise with the rest of your wedding decoration, even though you won’t be carrying it the whole time. Enjoy your choice but make sure you don’t rush into anything!

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