Beach Wedding Décor 2017: Decorate your Dream Day in Paradise

If you want a dream beach wedding then we have the perfect decoration inspiration for you!

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to tie the knot in an idyllic place, facing the sea with your feet in the sand, as the sun sets on the horizon? We have compiled a gallery of suggestions with the best wedding decoration for your dream beach wedding in 2017.

If you’re planning a wedding on the shore, you’ll certainly be able to draw inspiration from these ceremonial decorations, perfect for the most romantic day of your life. Chairs decorated with aquatic elements, such as shells or starfish, for example, add a gorgeous and unique touch and can be easily incorporated into the table decoration! Opting for a minimalist wedding dress and comfortable bridal shoes suited to the sandy terrain is also a crucial tip to remember; as a suggestion, brides may like to consider wearing a wreath of flowers…It’s utterly charming and links in very well with a beach celebration!

Take advantage of the ideas that Barro do Piuva, Casarão Alto Mucugê, Club La Plage, Pier 151, Tropicalia Eventos and Yucas Buzios suggest regarding beach wedding décor and let the environment transform your special day into something that exceeds your greatest expectations. 

We’re thrilled to be able to bring you this gallery. Don’t forget to check out our other galleries for more inspiration!

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