50 and fabulous! Sarah-Jessica Parker celebrates in style

50 and fabulous! Sarah-Jessica Parker celebrates in style

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When we mention the name Sarah-Jessica Parker, the first thing that springs to mind is fashion and her ever famous character Carrie Bradshaw in the much missed TV series, Sex & The City. Her unlucky in love character Carrie was synonymous with style, trends and lots and lots shoes! Carrie Bradshaw was a super fan of Manolo Blahnik and just like her, Sarah-Jessica’s love of footwear has led her to create her own shoe label SJP. To help celebrate her 50th birthday yesterday, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to mention this style icon’s incredible outfits that may inspire your future bridal or chic wedding guest look.

We’ve mentally delved through her on screen wardrobe (if only we could in real life) and we have to start with the incredible bridal gown she wore to her initial wedding with Big in the Sex & The City film. A magnificent strapless design by Vivienne Westwood with a giant skirt, complemented by a long veil and a very unique blue bird of paradise headpiece.

Her casual wear is no less glam with a variety of short and long designs with patterns, stripes, giant bows and ethnic prints. Is there anything that this woman doesn’t look good in?

Both her on screen character and the real Sarah-Jessica Parker are true icons in the world of fashion. For years she has inspired us to always be individual and find our own sense of style.

As Carrie Bradshaw once said to her good friend Samantha Jones, “50 and fabulous, here’s to the next 50!”.

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