5 key ways to create a "made in Spain" theme for your 2016 wedding

Want to give your 2016 wedding some Spanish style? Here are 5 simple yet super effective ways to transform your wedding into a "made in Spain" celebration.

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You have decided to inject some Spanish influence into your wedding and want to host it in a different destination to celebrate and where best other than the South of Spain? Not only does this allow all your guests to take advantage of the double bonus of a mini break and wedding celebration but they can also experience the Iberian sun, discover places and new and unusual traditions. Here are 5 ways to give your wedding that Spanish touch!

1. A dream setting

saveVenue Parador de Oropesa in Toledo
Venue Parador de Oropesa in Toledo

To celebrate the happiest day of your life, you dream of becoming a princess within your own castle so why not treat yourself to a viisit to the castle Oropesa in Toledo. It is an impressive and cultural area offering a medieval castle and large gardens, surrounded by mountains and trees. The views of the Sierra de Gredos are stunning and the place is just a short distance from Madrid, adding another ‘plus’ for your guests who will come to your wedding as they can see the sights and celebrate with you. If you need a place that is full of history, surrounded by nature, Oropesa is your #1 destination.

2. A flamenco show


What would Spain be without flamenco? If you decided to celebrate your big day in this beautiful country then plan a flamenco show visit for your guests. Enjoy the rhythm of the guitar, the dancers stomping and twirling and get carried away in the Spanish sweetness. If you want the best possible experience then we recommend the heart of Cadiz as it really is performing this art at its absolute best, you will give your guests a taste of the musical culture of Andalucia.

3. An assortment of tapas


Tired of seated three course meals and finger buffets? bBing on the tasty tapas. This Spanish tradition of sharing will not only allow your guests to taste food they do not usually have on their plate, but you can also multiply the quantities, pleasing everyone! Culinary specialties can most definitely be found in Tortosa in Tarragona, a magical place that will tickle your taste buds.

4. Giant Paella the next day


The trend is simplicity and what better, low maintenance option could there be than one enormous seafood paella! On the outdoor patio of the Aiguablava venue in Girona, with great views of the countryside and the sea, your guests will enjoy an original and traditional, not to mention filling feast, and you too!

5. Fans as gifts for your guests


If you have chosen a place such as Almagro in Ciudad Real in La Mancha, what better gift to provide your guests, something original, useful plus something they can keep, a fan. They are well known and well needed in Spain, it is much warmer than August in other european countries! The range is a chic accessory that adorns all Spanish handbags, helping them to feel fresh and be stylish.

Here are just some ideas to inspire and help you with achieving that sassy spanish theme you are looking for, traditional and cultural details to turn your special day into a Spanish fiesta.

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