Incredible veils for 2015: Which is your favourite?

Incredible veils for 2015: Which is your favourite?

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If there is something completely traditional and evocative about a bride on her big day, it’s her veil, and as we’ve mentioned before, choosing the right veil is as important as choosing your wedding dress. Never underestimate the power of a veil, it can totally transform your look, add a touch of romance and even transport you to another era.

So what comes first, the dress or the veil? That all depends on your own personal style and what look you want to achieve on your wedding day. You may have seen a vintage veil that you adore, therefore the dress comes second knowing that you want that vintage look. Perhaps you’ve chosen a simple and elegant gown and want something to complement it, an accessory that will elevate your bridal style to another dimension, therefore the veil comes second as a much needed and very elegant accessory.

We want to show you a variety of veils for 2015, in all different styles but all full of elegance and glamour. Which is your favourite?

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