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Best Fashion Event of the Year! Highlights of London Fashion Week 2016 Spring-Summer

The Fashion event of the year, here in one video! The best bits, including interviews, opinions and amazing images.

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London Fashion Week is one of the most reputed Fashion Week of all time, and as it comes to an end we want to show you a round-up of the best moments on the catwalks. We take you behind the scenes, with interviews, celebrities, models and much more.

We present to you, lines from almost every fashion designer that we love to wear, and here is your chance to relive the greatest Fashion Show there is! With specific views of all the little details that compose this magnificent event because after all, attention to detail is always the key to fabulous fashion.

With this video, you almost feel part of the fashion event of the year! We captured every important second so you can get an idea of the clothes that you should be wearing for next the spring/summer season, if you are a guest attending a wedding or simply if your desire is to look like the ‘it girl’ of the moment.

The unexpected surprise making this the best runway of all is the presentation of each collection that leave you impressed! The celebrities, fashion designers, supporters and fashion lovers are full of pride and love for the fashion industry and this is what comes to life in this video from the Fashion event of the year in London.

Video/Photo: Rightster

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