Heartfelt, homemade, priceless gift! the Groom that choreographed the couples first dance

Take a look at this fun, happy, inspiring and loving self choreographed, first dance showing love and providing unique entertainment for all their guests.

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Devon and Nicole Perri married in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic this summer, and to the surprise of many they decided to delight their guests with a dance to a catchy song chosen by the newlywed couple.

Devon, a professional dancer and choreographer  took the opportunity to shake some distinctive dance moves, accompanied by his wife Nicole performing a very lively and fun routine that charmed their guests.

It is true that being a professional dancer means the steps come easier, but coordination of the couple and the excitement on their faces show us that what is done with love is much more enjoyable, especially if you are sharing that moment with the person you love.

The song chosen for this synchronised choreography is none other than “Sugar” by Maroon 5, who earlier this year had achieved more than a million visits to its channel, thanks to the official video for the song, where the members of the band led by Adam Levine to several wedding receptions as a surprise and sang the new single, making it a favorite wedding video in the wedding world.

Have you ever been put under a love spell, well watch here another to see just how it’s done. You will be sure to be surprised.

Video: Devon Perri Youtube. Cover photo: Katya Nova Photography

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