Dance demonstrating real love! This groom and groomsmen's effort really topped the charts.

The planning, secret denial of a brides wish, fantastic choreography, groomsmen and entertainment is absolutely fabulous in this must see video.

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Kirk Henning, a professional dancer who married his love Valerie Tellman, a Ballet dancer from Richmond really did go ‘all out’ with the entertainment planning.

Their ceremony was held at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, followed by a reception at the Richmond Center Stage Theatre in Virginia. The couple had both danced there many times and so it holds fond memories and seemed the perfect place to host their celebration, but this time with the groom and groomsmen giving an amazing show for the bride, friends and family.

Kirk wanted to perform at the ceremony but after seeing just how detailed and elaborate the choreography was, it was better saved to be performed at the reception and what a show it was.  The groom and groomsmen performed an amazing and entertaining spectacular to several songs like “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars and “(You Drive Me) Crazy” by Britney Spears.

Valerie said that she had asked Kirk to prepare a dance routine for their guests, but he refused every time arguing that he ‘didn’t have time for all the planning and studying’ not to mention tours they were doing. Needless to say, she had no idea that he was preparing to perform quite a spectacular, that took months of preparing and practicing the choreography with his groomsmen.

The dance lasted nearly eight minutes, with support from four groomsmen and the brothers of the couple, whom all had immense fun presenting the show and choreography that included a mix of songs and props such as aviator sunglasses and cowboy hats.

Ginger Topham wedding videographer said; ‘The happy, surprised face of the bride was so evident, and so the bride uploaded the video YouTube and within a few minutes it had reached more than 165,000 visits.’ She said “people love the video, people like it because they want to see others happy.”

Credits:Video: Ginger Topham – Chic Wedding day filmsCanal de Youtube. Photo: Mike Topham Photography

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