I'm Engaged! What now? - Video

I'm Engaged! What now? - Video

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Are you one of the many lucky couples that got engaged yesterday?

If so, you’re probably feeling rather excited today, and perhaps a little hungover… and maybe even STRESSED? In a good way of course!

Understandably, many couples have no idea what to do and in what order once they get engaged. In theory, you need to start planning your wedding, unless you’re planning on a long engagement. Bar announcing the good news to your family and friends, and popping open a bottle of champagne there are certain things you need to start doing as part of a wedding planning timeline. Sound scary? It isn’t really, have a look at this cute and very informative video by the girls at Bride De Force, they explain what you should be doing and when.

Oh… and if you did get engaged yesterday… CONGRATULATIONS!!


Video credits: Bride De Force via Youtube

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