How To Plan The Perfect Outdoor Wedding: A Mini Guide From Zankyou

Today at Zankyou we're bringing you a comprehensive mini-guide to planning a cracking outdoor wedding! Enjoy!

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Many couples dream about having an outdoor wedding… but for most this always remains merely a dream and few dare to actually try it. The benefit of having a Destination Wedding is that the weather is typically better than British weather, so consequently it’s more forgiving! 


Lush gardens, terraces and views for days – it’s easy to think of unusual outdoor spaces but planning an outdoor wedding requires a bit of though. Where to start and what to do?

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Hélder Couto Photo

Today Zankyou is giving you a mini-guide to orchestrating a perfect outdoor wedding. Follow these steps and you will achieve outdoor wedding nirvana. Picture a dreamy wedding in front of a sunset or a magnificent starry night. How could you ever forget that?

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1. Little lights or candles

Illuminate your garden with lights or candles dotted around. This will create an enchanting and romantic atmosphere.

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Diana Nobre

2. Suspended Decoration!

Think little flowers or small paper wreaths hanging above people’s heads. It will be a lovely surprise for all! Every detail matters when it comes to a wedding day and people will be sure to remember the particulars. Think of these details as making up the love that fills your hearts on this magical day.

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Love Stories

3. Flowers

Any outdoor wedding should have hydrangeas, orchids, tulips, roses and carnations. You can never have too many flowers! Place them out with decorations made of wood or straw and voila!

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It’s all about…

4. Space

If possible, have as much open space for you guests as you can. They will be amazed by the natural surroundings.

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Momento Cativo

5. Table Seating

Square, round or rectangular, the shape doesn’t really matter. We recommend tables around the dance floor as well as comfy lounge areas with small tables and sofas for guests to take a break from busting their moves. After it’s a party and everyone wants to enjoy it to the full.   

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Ferro’s Catering

The Couple

1. The Bride

For outdoor weddings, we recommend a loose flowing dress, with lace embroidery and a low back… you’ll be turning heads.

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Diana Nobre Fotografia

2. The Groom

The groom on the other hand can put aside the traditional tuxedo and can go for a light pair of jeans, along with a linen shirt and a fun pair of braces… elegant yet casual.

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Portugal Wedding Photographer

The Ceremony

1. The Venue

The choice should not be based the type of ceremony but rather what suits the outdoor space. Go for a simple chapel that isn’t over decorated… here simplicity wins.

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It’s all about…

2. The Overall Feel

Spirit and style should go hand in hand on this special day and should really represent who you truly are. Go for the priest that christened you when you were a child.. or that close family friend.

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The Catering

1. The obvious choice

You can’t go wrong with a grand buffet style meal- delicious pastas, meat, fish and salads. And for desserts go for cheese boards. It will be a feast to remember.

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Ferro’s Catering

2. Innovative cuisine

Mini- hamburgers, mini-fries, gum drops, lollipops, chocolate fountains, popcorn, cotton candy. For drinks, think natural juices, caipirinhas, or smoothies. Even go for sushi! Being different… makes the difference.

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Gémeos Catering


1. For the Kids

You don’t have to exclude the kids from the party if you go for a child-friendly team of wedding planners. Outdoor games will allow them to express themselves freely and they’ll be no bother at all.

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Filipe Santos – Fotografia

2. For the Adults

The tasty and calorific menu demands a few hours on the dance floor. Choose DJ or live band, anything that gets you going and on your feet. Dance until the sun comes up!

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Hélder Couto Photo

The Wedding Favours

1. Photo Album!

For the bridge and groom, a book of wonderful photos from the day. They should contain words of love and sentiment.

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João Almeida

2. Photobooth!

Fun and practical, these give your guests memories to take away with them right after the wedding. Make sure you include props such as feathers, masks, hats, and wigs. Go crazy with your poses!

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Luminosidades – Atelier de Fotografia

Well, get cracking on the wedding planning and don’t forget to look at our list of suppliers. We hope you have an unforgettable wedding!

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