The Wedding Dance: Three Ingredients for the Perfect Recipe

Our guest blogger, Jody, writes on behalf of his DJ company ProfessionalWeddingDJ, and gives us his top three tips for choosing the best music for a first dance!

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The wedding dance has become a characteristic element of weddings that are full of fun, especially for younger couples. It consists of choreography, far from improvised, that the spouses dedicate to their guests. Take a look at the multitude of videos that populate YouTube — you will realize that you are in the middle of an actual pop phenomenon.


This trend, born in the US and now becoming popular in the UK, is ever more widespread in Italian weddings, thanks also to an increasing number of foreign couples who choose Italy for their big day.

But what are the ingredients for a successful wedding dance?

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We at ProfessionalWeddingDJ have some ideas about this, thanks to our experience, since we have used our music to accompany a great number of couples (both Italian and international) in this creative performance. Here then, is the recipe for a successful wedding dance!

Element of surprise

The spirit of the wedding dance is to entertain the guests with a touch of irony and, above all, to break the mould. So it will certainly be a good idea to start with a canonical slow dance and suddenly turn on a fast pop or rock beat. And, towards the end of the performance, return to the slow song with which it began.

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Pinch of preparation

Even if the wedding dance is a funny moment, for a pleasant performance the right preparation is important. You don’t need to be dancers, but coordinating movements and preparing some light elements of choreography to the music is essential. Some couples take inspiration from movies or musicals and select the easier little parts of the choreographies. Others are amateur dancers and present with great skill the choreographies learned at dance school. Often these are Latin dances such as Bachata, Salsa and Merengue, but lately the Swing has become more and more popular in Italy, thanks to the great electro-swing success of Parov Stelar (All Night) and the amazing performance of the dancer Sven Otten, the protagonist of a popular advertisement.

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Music competence

The whole trend began with the “JK Wedding Entrance Dance”: it was 2009, and on the notes of “Forever” by Chris Brown, friends and relatives preceded the entrance of bride and groom with a memorable performance. That video gained more than 90 million views online. 

“Forever” is a song that we could now define as an iconic choice for the wedding dance. In our opinion, the best choice for wedding dance music includes variety, with at least three separate pieces to play in rapid sequence. To this end, however, it is essential to edit the tracks in a studio, before the wedding date, to give the couple time to try the choreography. It is also very important to choose appropriate music (an aspect far from trivial) to maintain a good rhythm throughout the performance (brilliant but one that still allows the couple to breathe), with an increasing effect on the ending for the right emphasis. And the skill of the wedding DJ plays a fundamental role! There are almost endless possibilities for music selection, but experience shows that easily recognisable songs help to make the moment more engaging, also considering the fact that each piece will play for a short time.

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Smash hits released some years ago, like Happy by Pharrell Williams, or Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars can be the winning choice. But you can also consider some new songs, such as Solo by Clean Bandit, or the latest reggaeton hits by J. Balvin and Nicky Jam. And then, there are the “milestones” by Elvis Presley, the Beach Boys and the Blues Brothers. But, quite often, in the destination weddings in Italy, the bride and the groom like an “Italian touch”, especially for the romantic song of the wedding dance: we are always happy to make suggestions!

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However, beyond the trend of the moment and the advice we gave you, it is always good to draw from something that the couple loves: after all it is their performance, in which they must feel completely at ease.

So take a look at the right ingredients, but before anything else… contact us, and enjoy your wedding dance with ProfessionalWeddingDJ!


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