7 reasons you should consider hiring a wedding planner for your big day!

When asked if there’s one thing about their wedding they would change, many couples say they wished the had opted for a wedding planner! Some people may be of the opinion that it’s just an unnecessary expense, but not us! We think a wedding planner is the perfect way to let someone else do all of the hard work, and still end up with your dream wedding. Read on to find out why we think you should definitely give it some consideration…

1. You deserve everything to be perfect on your big day!

So your time has finally come, he or she put a ring on it and you deserve to have your dream wedding! However pulling your wedding together perfectly takes a lot of time and effort. A wedding planner has done this a thousand times over, and as they say, practice makes perfect! They know the best professionals in the industry, how to get the best deals and how to make sure that every single detail of your day is just as you’ve always imagined.

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Sanshine Photography

2. You want your wedding to be enjoyable and not at all stressful.

Nobody wants to be a Bridezilla in the run up to their wedding day, so why not let your wedding planner do all the hard work? Your planner will have the time and skills to deal with all the little problems that you may face along the way, so all you have to do is enjoy being engaged!

3.  If you’re planning a destination wedding it can be even more tricky.

A destination wedding is a great idea that will leave you with wonderful lasting memories of your big day, however it can also be a bit more hassle! Trying to plan your wedding when you’re not even in the same country has its difficulties, and this is where a wedding planner is really essential.

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Wendy & Marion – Wedding Faries

Wedding planners from Wendy & Marion – Wedding Faries are experts when it comes to destination weddings. So if you feel like saying your I Dos in Italy or France, then they’re the ones for you! With tonnes of experience in the industry, they’ll help you plan your big day from start to finish  so that you can sit back and relax, knowing your wedding is in safe hands! They believe that “each wedding is a spell that will last a lifetime,” what more could you want? You will certainlly have a wedding to remember with the help of Wendy & Marion – Wedding Faries!

Wendy & Marion - Wedding FariesLearn more about “Wendy & Marion - Wedding Faries”
Wendy & Marion – Wedding Faries

4. Wedding planners know how to stick to a budget.

Staying within your budget and not going overboard is one of the most difficult aspects of planning your wedding. Having a wedding planner is like having your own personal financial adviser! They know how much things should cost and what percentage of your budget will be spent in each aspect of your big day. Meaning you can sit back and relax knowing that your wedding won’t break the bank!

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Tobiah Tayo Wedding Photography

5. Making your vision a reality can be difficult.

No matter how much you think you know exactly what you want, it can be difficult to make your vision a reality. A wedding planner has an eye for detail and can help you to create the look, style and mood you want to go for. They can visualise what will work, and what won’t, in your venue and can give you expert advice.

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Hajley Photography

6. Trying to find the perfect suppliers can be painstakingly long!

With millions of wedding professionals out there, all claiming to be the best, it can be hard to know just who to choose! This is where your wedding planner comes in useful as they know all the industry experts and can get the best deals for you. You can rest assured that your wedding is in safe hands.

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David West Photography

7. Wedding planning is a full time job in itself, never mind the job you already have.

Planning every aspect of your wedding down to the finest details takes a lot of time and attention. Planning a wedding and juggling a full time job is no easy task! You don’t want organising your wedding to take over your life, so why not leave it to the professionals? You’ll have a lot more time to relax and enjoy the run up to your wedding.

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Art Wedding Photography

So there you have it, the top reasons why a wedding planner is a necessity and not just an added expense. Relax and enjoy your big day with the help of an exèrt to make sure you have the wedding day you’ve always imagined!

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