The Destination Wedding Guide: Top Wedding Planners in Europe

Oh Europe... filled with magic and love. If you have made the excellent decision to get married here, then have a look at our list of the top wedding planners that this glorious continent has to offer.

The Destination Wedding Guide: Top Wedding Planners in Europe
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If you have decided tie the knot in Europe, then congratulations! You have made an excellent choice. Europe has it all: incredible history, the most romantic cultures, world-renowned food, and stunning landscapes of lakes, mountains and coasts. Your destination wedding will be unforgettable.


However, when it comes to planning a wedding abroad, Zankyou always advises that you seek the advice of a wedding planner situated in your desired location. A wedding planner will know the area, the legal requirements and the best vendors around, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience.

So here is an unranked list of the top wedding planners that this glorious continent has to offer:

About Events

About Events is a Portuguese wedding planning agency that actually specialises in destination weddings. Not only do About Events plan the wedding, but they provide the styling and décor, making the organisation of your big day significantly easier and ensuring you are stress free throughout the planning and the actual event.

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Photo: About Events

The team at About Events have over 10 years of experience under their belts. That is more than 10 years of planning, designing and decorating unforgettable weddings. Their experience proves that you do not need to worry about the organisation of your wedding, you are in safe hands with About Events.

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Photo: About Events

Dream On Wedding Planner

Dream On are based in  Italy where they channel the rich, artistic history that characterises this beautiful country into their work, resulting in impressive weddings that never disappoint. Dream On pride themselves in dedicating themselves to their clients, planning every single step of their wedding enthusiastically and scrupulously. They will advise you on planning, creative choices, choosing your suppliers, your photographer, the catering – absolutely everything you could think of.

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Photo: Dream On Wedding Planner

Above all, Dream On want to see you have your dream wedding. They will go above and beyond to achieve it and to make sure you and your family and friends remember every moment of your big day for the rest of your lives.

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Photo: Dream On Wedding Planner

Isa’ Events

Entrusting the organisation of your wedding day to Isa’ Events would be the best choice you could ever make. They will organise your perfect event, satisfying your tastes and desires, taking care of the whole process to allow you to make the most of your big day, stress free.

Annalisa Di Federico of Isa’ Events will be at your disposal throughout your time spent with the company to tend to your requests enthusiastically and attentively and to offer you a perfect, complete service. Annalisa will take care of every detail with great attention, leaving nothing to chance, because the most beautiful day of your life is an extraordinary event which you cannot ever forget a single moment of, so Isa’ Events will ensure every second of your wedding day is mesmerising. 

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Photo: Isa’ Events
saveIsa' EventsFind out more about Isa' Events
Photo: Isa’ Events

Reina Wedding and Events Planner

“Life has shown me what I want to be and do for myself and for others…. the Wedding Planner ”
–  Anna Reina

Anna Reina loves planning weddings. It is her lifetime passion. She truly believes that your dream is her dream, so, she will go above and beyond to provide you with the Italian destination wedding you have always dreamt of. Anna Reina promises to enthusiastically listen to you, understand you, advise you, explain everything to you, plan with you, help you, support you, and, ultimately, flawlessly coordinate your wedding. In a nutshell, she will be like a new sister! From the paperwork (if required) to the reception, from the invitations, to the wedding favours – no detail will go unmissed. Everything will be planned to your taste whilst respecting your budget when you plan your wedding with Reina Wedding and Events Planner.

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Photo: Reina Wedding and Events Planner
saveReina Wedding and Events PlannerFind out more about Reina Wedding and Events Planner
Photo: Reina Wedding and Events Planner

Rössl Alm

The Rössl Alm in Tyrol, Austria, not only offers a wedding location with a breathtaking mountain view, but also an “all-round carefree package” for bridal couples. If you are searching for a wedding with an alpine pasture atmosphere, then you could not wish for a better location.

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Rössl Alm


Mareventi is the kind of wedding company that while planning a wedding, leaves nothing up to chance and everything down to precise planning. That is, of course, a wedding planned hand-in-hand with the future spouses themselves. For them, no project is complete without the input of the tastes and personality of their couple. They can organise the entire wedding to be just how they dreamt it.

All services are tailor-made for the couple, in particular the floral arrangements and bouquets are made following a common theme or a colour that, along with the tastes and fancies of the couple, will tie the whole event together!

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Sublime Luxury Weddings

Sublime Luxury Weddings was borne from the minds of two childhood friends, Ana and Carolina, who came to realise their own natural gift and talent for organising truly splendid events that caught the eyes of all parties involved. As a formidable wedding team, they welcome their loved-up couples with open arms as they begin planning the day of their dreams.

With experience that spans both creativity and logistical excellence, both Ana and Carolina understand the nuances of international luxury and happily exhibit their experience with couples from Portugal and afar, as Ana and Carolina are multi-lingual, speaking Portuguese and English fluently (a real bonus when organising the best day of your lives!).

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Sublime Luxury Weddings

The White Rose Wedding

The delicate yet fierce name of this wedding company speaks for itself. The White Rose Wedding deliver aesthetically beautiful events organised with complete expertise and precision. Their decision to concentrate all the essential wedding day services in a single provider, creating a true tailor-made product, makes The White Rose Wedding a unique company in the wedding sector who accompany their future spouses through important details and conscious choices. It is no doubt that this company executes absolute professionalism as they bring you a celebration which, above all, is spectacular.

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The White Rose Wedding

Pupa Wedding Planner

Supported by professionals in the wedding sector, Elsa Sechi organises bespoke wedding celebrates, including the complete realisation of installations, religious weddings, civil marriages whether they are in the church, on the beach,  or in an idyllic remote castle.

Elsa will be able to amaze you by creating the ideal setting for any environment. With ample experience, Elsa’s team makes everything you need: composition for altars, bridal bouquets, eyelet flowers, crowns for bridesmaids, bridal sets and for the centre-hall, chair covers, bride and groom tables, cake, everything! You can sure to impress your guests and host a wedding to remember.

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Pupa Wedding Planner

U&I and everybody else

Based in Lamezia Terme on the west coast of Italy, the professional team at U&I and everybody else accompanies their couple through the realisation of their wedding dreams. From the initial seed of inspiration to the manifestation of wedding celebrations in your ideal location, this team can deliver a top quality service with dynamism and a large splash of creativity.

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U&I and everybody else

Luxury Weddings di Giulia Risaliti

Organising highly personalised events is this team’s speciality. They coordinate highly specialised and passionate professionals to guarantee their couples the only possible result: a perfect marriage, in respect of your desires and your budget. Among their locations are some of the most beautiful places – Tuscany, the Amalfi coast, Liguria, Venice… And much more!

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Luxury Weddings di Giulia Risaliti

Silvia Carli

Silvia Carli is not just a wedding planner, she is a story maker. After 25 years living in the world of marketing, advertising communication and organisation of corporate events, she took a turn for the better and entered into the world of weddings. Silvia’s philosophy is to design a wedding by listening to the ideas and desires of the spouses, with which she can tell their story through the manipulation of colours, settings and flavours! The result? your perfect day.

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Silvia Carli Wedding Planner


Carla & Cláudio are the infallible team behind Weddimoon. This couple dedicates themselves wholeheartedly to the bride and groom’s wedding day desires and have organised some truly beautiful events for the lucky couples who choose them! If you are getting married and want a team who you can really trust, then be sure to contact these professionals as soon as possible!

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Beautiful Italian Weddings

Beautiful Italian Weddings are a company offering tailor-made romantic Italian-style weddings in the beautiful locations of Lake Garda and Verona! They have been arranging destination weddings in Lake Garda and Verona for 25 years(!), earning a reputation as a specialist for these well-subscribed destinations. This team takes care of everything along the way, and has been doing so for their couples since before destination weddings were ‘on-trend’. With this team you can be sure that all the potential stress of your wedding event is seemingly swept under the carpet!

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Beautiful Italian Weddings

Ester Chianelli Weddings & Events

With Ester Chianelli everything about your wedding in Naples will be designed with scrupulous care and attention to detail, always adding a touch of fun. This wedding planner will do her very best to get to know you as a couple, always managing to understand and even anticipate your needs. She centres her work around the tastes of her customers, and strives to make sure it’s not only a magical wedding, but a party to remember. It will be as if she has always known you.

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Photo: Ester Chianelli Weddings & Events

Giulia Molinari Wedding Planner

White and golden beaches, glistening seas, ancient farms interspersed with centuries-old olive trees, excellent traditional cuisine… achieve all this and more with a destination wedding in Apulia. Giulia Molinari knows exactly why her home territory is a popular destination for Italians as well as foreigners. So, if you’re looking for an original venue for your wedding in Puglia, including luxury rustic farms, breath-taking castles and hotels by the sea, you will be spoilt for choice.

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Photo: Giulia Molinari Wedding Planner

Love in Sicily

Love in Sicily is a wedding atelier/planning agency. It’s a team designed to welcome you to let your hair down and to comfortably express your wishes about the organisation of the most important day of your life. Now with an international name, Love in Sicily does exactly what it says on the tin: it makes you fall in love all over again, with the beautiful island of Sicily, while you consummate your own love to each other.

Specialised in Luxury Destination Weddings, this planner has also mastered the art of floral design, so expect great things.

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Photo: Love in Sicily

Wedding Mood

Wedding Mood combines the magical and romantic atmosphere of Rome with the artistic talent and creative skill of wedding planning. Specialising in a rustic,-chic style, never lacking in charm and elegance. Wedding Mood understand that no two weddings are the same, and so treat every detail, of every wedding, with a completely bespoke approach. This requires a long and careful work of research and design but that results in a real magic in the most unforgettable wedding day.

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Photo: Wedding Mood

InTo Events

Claudia Robustelli Test, of InTo Events, is a dedicated destination wedding planner with a key eye for detail and an undying love for the magical scenery of her homeland, Italy. She understands what it is that makes couples all over the world choose to get married here, and so works with you accordingly to create a truly authentic and beautiful destination wedding.

Claudia has lived abroad both in New York and London, and so has experienced how Italy is seen through the foreigner’s eye. Now back in the land of La Dolce Vita, she works tirelessly and with enthusiasm in event and wedding planning. “I design every event as if it were a dress for every customer” says Claudia, “with refined attention to detail and customisation of every aspect”. So whatever style or theme you are hoping for, Claudia is here to help!

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Photo: InTo Events

Garda Weddings and Events

If you want to tie the knot around the stunning Lake Garda or Verona area, then we know the perfect wedding planner for you. You can reminisce on the world’s greatest love story, Romeo and Juliet, in medieval Verona streets and plazas, or get married by the glistening Garda waters, all with the help of some experienced event professionals.

Garda Weddings and Events regularly seek uncharted venues and the most beautiful places in the area, so you can choose between an unrivalled variety of villas, boats, wineries, churches, hotels and gardens for both your ceremony and your reception. With this creative wedding team, anything is possible! From a waterfall or beach ceremony in Lake Garda, to a botanical garden, Juliet’s house or Palazzo Della Ragione in Verona, you really will be able to have the fairy tale wedding of your dreams with Garda Weddings and Events.

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Photo: Garda Weddings and Events

For destination weddings, Garda Weddings and Events gives you a choice of three services: full-planning, partial planning, and day-of coordination. So you can choose according to your budget, and depending on how much you need them, they can organise anything from dresses and hair and make-up, to accommodation, the ceremony itself, catering, cake-design, flowers, photography and entertainment!

With over 20 years in the business, Garda Weddings have developed strong relationships with some of the best vendors and wedding services in the area, so you can relax and trust them to do everything for you. Who said wedding planning was stressful?!

saveGarda Weddings and Events
Photo: Garda Weddings and Events

Omnia Weddings by Christina

Another two dreamy locations for a lakeside destination wedding in Italy are the areas surrounding Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore, in Northern Italy. Surround yourself with the serene waters and enchanting architecture of the area for an unforgettable day, and you can do so at ease with the expert help of Christina from Omnia Weddings.

Christina understands that a wedding is about the union of two lovers, and so takes away the planning stress from the bridal couple so that they have more time to devote to themselves. You will benefit from her expertise and years of experience, and she can guide you through every small detail and step in the process. Omnia Weddings will take care of location, floral decoration, reception organisation (choose between lakeside restaurants or historic manors), talented photography, and can even get in touch with local DJ’s to get the party started.

Whether you are looking to hold either a civil or religious ceremony, it will be nothing short of magical with Christina’s help!

saveOmnia Weddings by Christina
Photo: Omnia Weddings by Christina

 GAP Eventi

A destination wedding planner should create a stunning panorama of luxury and of Italian beauty for every couple. So it’s only fitting that we bring your attention to one of the most famous wedding planners in Italy: she is Luana Della Toffola of Gap Eventi, the creative wedding artist that adds a modern touch to authentic tradition for your beautiful day. Luana will guide you hand in hand to discover how beautiful it can be to organise a wedding in Italy. Located in the North East of Italy, in Sacile, Pordenone, Luana can help you choose some stunning venues in the surrounding towns and cities, including romantic Venice.

GAP Eventi consists of 4 award-winning services that have come together to establish a complete luxury wedding package. You will benefit from flawless photography with PhotoPremière, stunning hair and make up with Creazioni Valerie, natural and organic decorations from Segno Creativo, and expert co-ordination of the reception with Pavo Ricevimenti. So, there is no doubt that your Italian wedding will be flawless with the help from Luana and her team!

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Photo:  GAP Eventi

So, now you can sit back, relax, and let one of these professional wedding planners organise the wedding of your dreams in Italy. All you need to do is pick your date, whereabouts in Italy, and your preferred style of wedding, then let them do the rest!

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