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Wedding mood is a small reality, born from Marta's deep passion for harmony and recycling. The magical and romantic atmosphere arises almost spontaneously, emerging from poor materials, often rustic, revisited and adapted to become a motif of charm and elegance. Harmony is the natural result of the couple's desires put into practice thanks to careful listening and the experience dictated by hundreds of events realized.

No marriage must ever be the same as another. This is the Wedding Mood dictate. Every union is special and unique and that day must tell the tale of love in its exclusivity, even in every small detail. This requires a long and careful work of research and design but that results in a real magic in the most beautiful day.

Marta personally takes care of the preparation of the event, assisted by a formidable team, and also works throughout its development because everything is perfect.

The protagonist of every event is the emotion: A successful event is an event that has been able to excite in the first place the spouses and then the guests. The surprised look in front of a detail, maybe just overlooked, a desire just mentioned, and seen realized are the satisfaction that satisfies all the meticulous work done.


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By francofisco70
I used their services for my wedding

Professional and anticipates your every desire.

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By baby.rug
I used their services for my wedding

For the organization of our wedding we relied on Wedding Mood and we could not have made a better choice. Marta Sulis and Fabiana Di Paolo have made an already beautiful location unique and full of charm. Their ability to creatively mix flowers with particular and sought-after materials and objects is mythical. They manage to create settings that in some cases evoke dreamlike images and in other scenarios that seem to be taken from old black and white films. They start with simple objects to give life to real three-dimensional works. They managed to create a corner of memories that excited all the guests; a small, very impressive sugared almond; a corner dedicated to favors perfectly in style with all the rest by carefully arranging each object; a refined tableau corner, practical and fun. The centerpieces were simple and romantic, just as requested. Every guest was pleasantly surprised by the entire set-up and no one left without compliments.
In addition to their professional skills, I cannot fail to emphasize their availability and kindness. Their bond is immediately perceived and I am convinced that the success of their work is also the fruit of their beautiful friendship.
I'd choose a thousand more times, do it too!

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By ria.not
I used their services for my wedding

Marta and Fabiana are extraordinary! Excellent and extremely empathetic listeners were able to perfectly understand what I wanted for my wedding after just 5 minutes of conversation and to think that even I had no clear ideas! Objects, colors, flowers, details, all right. I trusted them completely, because I had very little time available. They have understood me, supported and taken the right initiatives by proposing solutions and realizing ideas, which have made our special day unique. I would go back and choose another thousand times, you were patient, present, available, solar and creative. Your professionalism has made our day perfect! Thank you so much.

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