Halloween: The Best Costumes for Couples to Coordinate

Celebrating Halloween with your partner? Consider dressing up as a couple to really make a statement this year. Coordinate your costumes for double the scare factor!

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“This is Halloween, this is Halloween!” sing Jack Skellington & Cia in The Nightmare Before Christmas. Halloween is cool. Although horror films and haunted houses invoke terror, fear and fright, they are also a tremendous attraction for many. How will you celebrate? A Halloween night on the town or a gathering with family and friends at home? In both cases, you and your partner will need a costume. Discover here the best ideas to scare as a couple. If you don’t manage to petrify anyone, well, at least you will have fun:

Photo: glebTv

Gothic Parents

Although we love smartphones, social media and motorised vehicles, we’ve all fantasised at one time or another about living in another century. Perhaps in a British mansion hidden behind the mist, à la Jane Eyre. Feel like the masters of one of these big houses from the Gothic and Victorian periods. For the men, nothing like a good hat, a long jacket with tails, a scarf and hair brushed back. For the women, black or grey can-can-style dresses, corsets, opulent jewellery and a veil. Both complete with white face makeup, dark eyes and a sombre, sullen expression.

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Photo: Nejron Photo


A very romantic way to dress up because there are love stories that survive even after death. If you opt for this costume, don some brilliant fangs and dress like the gentlemen and elegant ladies of the Middle Ages. Your black capes can be combined with dresses and suits where the red plays a certain role. In the case of boys, frilly white shirts with puffed sleeves, jackets with classic prints and decorative neck accessories are also important. The girls stand out in red dresses with lace sleeves and fishnets.

Note: be very careful with garlic, stakes and holy water. And don’t stray too far from your coffins.

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Photo: Kiselev Andrey Valerevich


Each year there are more and more stiff-legged zombies wandering the streets on Halloween. This costume is laborious, but the results can be spectacular. Use latex and paint to decorate your face and give it a look of decay (there are loads of tutorials on Youtube). If you like challenges, experiences and the idea of having one of your eyes dislodged from its socket, you will surely find a tutorial to suit you. After that the outfit is simple: just look for destroyed, old clothes. Decorate them with fake blood to simulate the remains of a human flesh feast. But above all, have fun! As a couple this costume is much more fun.

saveStefano Cavoretto
Photo: Stefano Cavoretto


Clowns can be fun as long as you have not seen the film “It”. However, some people cause real panic, and quite rightly so. Clowns and even the circus in every aspect, can be terrifying. From Harlequins to jokers, to the run-of-the-mill clown, it’s possible that at least one of them has visited you in one of your nightmares. If each member of the couple opts for a different kind of clown it’ll be more interesting (or disturbing, depending on how you look). Try adding something macabre, blood or sharp instruments as props. Experiment with all the possibilities that this costume allows, both in clothes and makeup and accessories. If you go down the street it’s safe to say that no child you come across will ever visit the circus again.

saveAnna Jurkovska
Photo: Anna Jurkovska

Dead People

Plain and simple. Don’t dress up as zombies, but the spirits that often hang around the cemeteries we know. Have one in mind? Great! Copy their movements, paint your face white, paint some sickly dark circles and let down your hair. Walk with sadness and wear whichever clothes you want, as long as they were in style years ago. That way you’ll represent someone who died long ago, which is much scarier and more realistic.

Photo: Frenzel

Classic Halloween Characters

From Zankyou, we want to appeal to everyday terror: mummies, scarecrows, witches and werewolves. Some of these costumes are simple and always successful. In addition, we think they are the true spirit of Halloween along with haunted houses, creaky floorboards, fog and skeletons. Everyone will recognise you and you will not have to give a master class on the subject to explain. As a couple, you can combine and explore various forms of classic horror.

Photo: enchanted_fairy
Photo: bokan

Film Characters

The big winners of recent years. Terrifying couples are a sure hit. We encourage you to try your favourites! Jack and Sally Skellington, Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett, Edward Scissorhands and Kim, Wednesday and any character in The Addams Family, Alex DeLarge and another member of Clockwork Orange … you can also mix fantasies or opt for the same costume as a couple basing your look on large franchises: Scream, Saw, The Dark Knight (Joker), Friday the 13th (Jason), Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddy Krueger), Halloween (Michael Myers)…

Photo: hadkhanong

Miscellaneous Strange Creatures

Although the main subject of Halloween should be terror, even in the United States where this holiday originated, the dress code is respected. So, anything goes, but at Zankyou we suggest that the disturbing aspect is respected. It’s Halloween! There will be time for Carnival. So, use your imagination and try interesting, fear-inducing costumes but stay away from the typical, predictable ones.

saveEugenio Marongiu
Photo: Eugenio Marongiu

Takes note of these ideas and mould them as you wish. There’s nothing like imagination and creativity to leave your friends discombobulated by your costume. Try to have fun and release your scary side, always with a touch of humor. Happy Halloween!

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