5 Perfect Things To Do With Your Partner This Autumn

Discover the ways in which you and your partner can enjoy wedding stress-free, quality time this Autumn

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The beginning of autumn is always full on: it’s time to say goodbye to summer fun and good weather and say hello to your daily routine, all of which is just as nerve-wracking as the first day of summer. However, autumn has its advantages – and more than you might think. Autumn is one of the most colourful seasons with all its warm red and orange tones; it’s the season for mushrooms and chestnuts and offers stunning scenery for great days out that you can enjoy without that winter chill. It’s more than just a season; autumn is a sensation ready to be enjoyed in all sorts of ways:

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Photo: Ernesto Naranjo


Losing yourself in the hills is perfect for the body and soul provided you don’t take the ‘getting lost’ part too literally. During autumn, the countryside is often at its most beautiful and taking the opportunity to enjoy it under the grey skies can be incredibly calming. If you make a trip out in the fresh air together, just the two of you, you’ll enjoy feeling like the only people in the world: you could go fishing, follow the course of a river and even spend the night in a little cabin whilst enjoying the warmth of a wood burning stove. Make sure that wherever you go, you enjoy the local delicacies or get creative and pack your own meals if you’re feeling especially adventurous and fancy a complete camping experience! Remember, it’s not to cold for a picnic in the fresh air, just bring a blanket!

Experiences like this can be enjoyed all over the country, from following the Camel Trail in Cornwall, to enjoying the Lake District or Scottish Highlands. An escape from a busy working life, or a busy wedding planning diary, is SO worth it! Colder seasons can be even more romantic…

Photo vía Shutterstock: Stock-Asso
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Nara Connection. Photo: El Carrusel

Cinema and Theatre

After a walk through a city like London, Manchester or Newcastle, there’s nothing better than spending the afternoon doing something cultural as a couple. As the colder evenings draw in, have a look at what’s on at the cinema and perhaps even have a look some of the ‘secret’ cinemas that have some great offers that are unknown to most. Consider perhaps heading to the theatre where there are plenty of different types of shows to choose from. There are few activities so perfect to enjoy and experience as a couple.

Photo vía Shutterstock: aerogondo2

Cities with charm

There are some cities around the world that are particularly well suited to autumn and offer amazing luxury escapes, so pack your bags and off you go! If you are lucky enough to already live a big city, get out there and explore some of the most picturesque parts in the depths of autumn. Or travel! For example, New York is stunning in all its coppery tones, whilst most European cities with medieval influences also stand out for their markets, first snows and pointed rooves amongst the clouds. Soak up the culture and the beauty of these charming cityscapes all steeped in the essence of autumn. For those wanting a bit of sun, why not head to somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere where summer will just be beginning.

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Nueva York. photo vía Shutterstock: Songquan Deng
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Amsterdam. Photo vía Shutterstock: Giancarlo Liguori

Parties and festivals

Parties, festivals and fireworks are so much better when you enjoy them as a couple. Although Oktoberfest for this autumn is already over (17th September – 3rd October), many cities across the world have copied the tradition and host similar celebrations throughout October.

November brings with it spectacular fireworks displays all over the country – what’s more romantic than cuddling up under a glittery sky? Also, if you are into your music, then take a city stroll: buskers and music acts still embrace London streets, and Open Mic nights are popular in quirky bars. If you can travel further… there is also a whole load of world music festivals that take place in autumn. The Indie music scene will hit a number of cities this autumn including Paris, with the famous ‘Pitchfork Paris’ festival. Bilbao is hosting its very own ‘BIME Live’ whilst Utrecht looks forward to Le Guess Who festival.

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Photo vía Shutterstock: Vadim Ponomarenko

Its autumn – make the most of what’s on offer. Enjoy being together with your partner and get involved in all the events and things that take place during this wonderful season!

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