Interbride 2017: The Bridal Trade Event We're All Waiting For

Bridal retailers and designer brands from all over the world will look to Interbride 2017, as the most anticipated bridal trade event of the year. Read all about this high-fashion trade event that's pivotal to the bridal industry every year, and discover what will be new for 2017.

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As we begin 2017, the bridal world expects new trends, new designers and new brides, but there are a few things that will stay the same. Although today more brides are turning to technology for inspiration rather than magazines, and Brexit is impinging on destination wedding tendencies, one thing is still for certain… Bridal retailers and designer brands from all over the world will look to Interbride 2017, as the most anticipated bridal trade event of the year.

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Germany’s fashion capital, Dusseldorf, will host the fifth annual Interbride trade show from 27th to 30th May this year. As a B2B exhibition, it has gained international prestige since being founded in 2012, and is expected to be bigger than ever for 2017.

But why has Interbride been so pivotal for bridal experts? Well, the exhibition came as an answer to the mutual wish of industry professionals: for a trade event that is modern, international and transparent for all participants. Each year it becomes a bustling bridal hub for everyone and anyone in the wedding fashion world to come together for high-quality showcasing and trading.

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What we’re most excited for, however, is brand new for 2017. Picture this: the biggest fashion show in Dusseldorf history, complete with the most unusual and bizarre designs from Europe’s greatest wedding dress designers.

Yes, Interbride’s organisers have something special planned, to commemorate their five-year anniversary. This fashion show will take over two of the exhibition halls as a celebration of the increasing diversity, originality, and talent on offer in today’s bridal world.

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The best thing about Interbride is that it brings every sector of the bridal industry together under one roof, from independent boutiques to international names.

Up and coming retailers and designers will have the chance to mingle with longstanding experts: advice, appraisal, tricks of the trade, and shared creativity will filter through the beautiful halls. For market newbies, its an amazing opportunity as a unique platform that allows designers to showcase their talents, granting them an important first step into the bridal fashion world.

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With such prestige and free admission, it’s no wonder Interbride’s exhibition received 4,500 attendees last year. Professionals flew in from Australia, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, France, Spain, Pakistan, Sweden and the USA to name a few.

The Interbride exhibition is directed at top decision makers of the international retail trade, giving them the opportunity to place orders for the fashion collections of the coming season. It will open from 9am to 8pm between 27th and 29th May, closing instead at 5pm on 30th May. Click here for more information about the Interbride Fair.


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