Choosing Your Wedding Music: Live Band, DJ or Both?

Choosing Your Wedding Music: Live Band, DJ or Both?

Italian DJ Jody Belli returns to give us his advice on combining a DJ and a live musician for your wedding - could this growing trend be the perfect choice for your big day in 2019?

Choosing Your Wedding Music: Live Band, DJ or Both?
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Choosing music for your wedding is much more than a matter of preferences. It is not simply a question of choosing a playlist; there are many decisions you will have to make. First of all, you will probably face the age-old question – whether it would be better to have a DJ or a live musician create the soundtrack of your big day. Both choices can be successful as long as you choose real professionals – specific experience with weddings is essential!

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However, the important thing is that they are clear about what kind of entertainment they can guarantee, because a DJ or a live musician will perform in a different way and the atmosphere they will provide your party will be different. But what if you are not forced to make this difficult decision?

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The new trend for your wedding music

In this post, we do not want to go over the pros and cons of the two solutions. Rather, we will show you a third way that is becoming a real trend for wedding parties. In recent times, more and more couples choose to combine the DJ set with live music. Usually, they get a live band – a jazz repertoire is a classy choice – for the aperitif and have the DJ for the for the highlight of the party. This way, you can create an intimate, welcoming situation for your guests and then let them have a blast on the dance floor!

But if you want to add a touch of originality to your wedding party, then your choice could fall on a duo: DJ plus live musician. This is a different situation where the musician fits into the DJ set. Together, the DJ and the musician will provide a new and, above all, unique sound to your favourite songs.

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If you’re hosting a destination wedding in Italy, The Arechi Group should be your point of call. Thanks to its experience performing in concerts and organising events around the world, this team offers you the opportunity to enjoy some unforgettable entertainment for your wedding day. The renowned Arechi Group boasts incomparable musical talents through performances that will embellish your wedding, giving it a unique and special atmosphere.

Likewise, if you’ve chosen a beautiful city in Portugal, or a breezy Portuguese coast, you will want to contact DJ Beecuts. This team have years of experience, and with a high musical technique and empathy with the guests, they ensure that your party will always be lively, attentive to the audience and adapting easily to the mood of the bridal couple and their guests. Their music collection covers a variety of styles and is carefully prepared to please all generations present at your wedding.

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The perfect entertainment

We at ProfessionalWeddingDJ gladly recommend this option for our brides and grooms who are getting married in Italy. There are different, fascinating possibilities: DJ & sax duo, DJ & percussion duo (the most popular instruments to perform with alongside a DJ) and DJ & electric violin duo (an emerging solution). But be careful: there is a risk of switching from perfect entertainment to absolute disaster if you do not choose two providers who complement each other.

Credits: Kate Chruscicka – a wonderful option for your violinist in the UK!

It is not just about choosing a good DJ and a good musician. It is essential that they know each other and have already worked together. Improvising does not mean that they do not have to rehearse before your event. Moreover, the DJ must be able to choose the songs and the right beat for the musician (saxophonist, percussionist or violinist) playing with him.

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So, a DJ plus live musician is not simple, and requires harmony, preparation and experience. However, is an original and fascinating way to entertain your guests, and it can really work for you!

Credits: Jody Belli from Professional Wedding DJ

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