Open back bridal beauty for 2016, set that sexy yet sophisticated look for your wedding

In 2016 flaunt a unique open back bridal dress design, it's classy, sophisticated and alluring making the wedding photos amazing from any angle.

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The big day is here, everything has been booked, organised, checked, double checked, triple checked and now its time to sew all the loose together and enjoy the day.

Starting with the bride and bridesmaids getting ready in the morning, different brands of make up every where, bucks fizz and champagne flowing and the flowers have just been hand delivered by the florist and there are teary eyes full of joy and excitement everywhere.

However, amongst all the excitement and emotions many brides forget just how much of the day their friends and family are in awe of them…. but a lot of the day with a view from behind! Right from the beginning of the day when the bride makes her entrance up the aisle, cutting the cake to the first dance, there is always someone behind you!

With this in mind ladies we must think about the ‘whole’ bridal look!! This means, the back and front of the all important wedding dress, and what better style to choose than the beautiful open back design. This can be fully open, disguised with lace details or tulle to give it that illusion of open back. The back of the dress is equally as important as the front and attention to detail must be paid, it will also affect hair styles and chosen accessories because if you have a beautiful open back or illusion open back dress then you want to show it off.

Here we show you some designs, ideas and ways in which to model the perfect open back dress on your big day!

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