Details and Decoration to add those perfect finishing touches to your 2016 wedding

The all important venue is chosen, now find out how to enhance its beauty and perfect setting by decorating it, not forgetting a single detail.

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When organising a wedding, there are so many little details to consider. First, foremost and most importantly the bride’s dress, the groom’s suit, floral bouquets, buttonholes and accessories for the bride and this is just at the beginning of the planning. Then we start to focus on the chosen venue and the same question always pops up, how and with what are we going to decorate our wedding reception?

So we wanted to give you a heads up for 2016 on the latest tricks and trends so you can start planning and organising yourselves ahead of time! One of the most focussed decorative details are on the tables, the centerpieces, your guests will sit for at least two hours looking at them and so they must be impressive! Here are some great and effective ideas that will enhance the ambience during your wedding reception.

  1. The top table

Since it seats the most important and immediate family, the placement, decoration and finishing touches must be considered with alot of love and care. Not only will your nearest and dearest be sitting at the top table, but all your guests will be looking at it the during the entire wedding breakfast. What shape will you have, long or round, sweetheart seats or will you be completely controversial and not have a ‘top table.’ A good way to define and include theming and or a particular colour can come from subtle details such as table runners, coloured napkins, matching favours, the small attention to detail always brings the desired look together.

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Photo Credit: Sanshine Photography
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Photo Credit: Sasnshine Photography
  1. Tall centerpieces

If you are attending a wedding whereby you don’t know everyone, or are the partner of the bride’s or groom’s friend then you’re going to want to see and speak to the guests that you are sat with. Therefore to incorporate beautiful decor for the centre of the tables and still have the flexibility to be social and have a conversation, you should consider tall centre pieces. Remember that some guests are taller than others and some shorter, so candelabras with floral decor or candles is a lovely and effective touch. Chandeliers add that grandeur and candles appear to be a trend more so for winter weddings but who is to stop you during the summer evenings, lighting up any reception entrance. NB. Ensure to ask the venue you are able to have candles and that they can be lit.

savePhoto Credit: Sanshine PhotographyLearn more about “Photo Credit: Sanshine Photography”
Photo Credit: Sanshine Photography
savePhoto Credit: Sanshine PhotographyLearn more about “Photo Credit: Sanshine Photography”
Photo Credit: Sanshine Photography
  1. Hanging decoration

One of the latest trends are hanging decorations, birdcages, plants, lightbulbs, jam jars, all designed and decorated in an individual way but making such an impact. DIY decor is becoming all the rage and a fantastic money saving idea. Or you can meet halfway, have jam jars or vintage birdcages and ask your florist to decorate and accessorise them for you.

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Planned for Perfection Wedding Planners
saveHanging Decoration
Hanging Decoration
  1. Candles

One very important accessory to consider when decorating your wedding tables are candles, they add warmth and light and set a romantic atmosphere. You can opt for tall, chunky church candles (always ensuring they have a vase or holder) or small scented tealights, also adding to the atmosphere by giving off a pleasant smell. Then there is colour to choose, you can alternate and or match your colour scheme, there’s so much to consider and play with, it really is an inexpensive yet super effective way of decorating your tables.


savePhoto Credit: Femme Gribouillage
Photo Credit: Femme Gribouillage
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Photo Credit: Kurt Boomer

These are just some of the ideas that are trending for 2016…but of course it totally depends on your theme, colour scheme and budget. We hope to have inspired or certainly made you think about different decorating ideas and props that you may want to feature in your wedding. So if you are set to marry in 2016, then these ideas and details are something definitely worth considering.

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