Get Inspired by the YolanCris Boho-Chic Wedding Dress Collection for 2017!

Feathers, fringes and ruffles. Check out the new YolanCris 2017 collection of wedding gowns to find the boho chic bridal gown of your dreams!

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Yolanda and Cristina, the founders and designers of YolanCris wedding dresses filled the runway at Barcelona Bridal Week with rhythm and class. The collection perfectly encapsulated a seventies vibe starting with the decor which added a disco feel with a giant glitter ball, the brand surprising us all with a boho-chic style that offered something a little different.

The collection gives us two distinct styles: wedding dresses with a bohemian air created using fluid fabrics and the best European lace, and bolder modern designs with transparencies and asymmetrical shapes. The details such as artisanal hand needlework were the protagonists of the show, together with dramatic feathers and ruffles. They also included short wedding dresses, tight bodies with a combination of A-line wedding dresses.

They led the show with designs in nude tones and then moved subtly back to the classic, a princess cut wedding dress and tulle V-neckline adorned with rhinestones and a large silver lace veil used as a cloak.

Here is a collection full of innovations and spectacular details that show you can be an elegant bride in many different ways. Be surprised and inspired by the YolanCris 2017 wedding dress collection and become the most chic bride you can be!

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