Find Out Which Of These 7 Types Of Honeymoon Is Right For You

Because not all couples are the same, discover how to celebrate with your loved one by choosing one of the non-conventional honeymoons!

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Choosing where you will honeymoon is one of the most important parts of your wedding organisation. Why? You’ll regret it if you don’t choose the place that suits you and your partner perfectly. After the whirlwind day or weekend that will have been your wedding, spending time just the two of you in your happy place will be a necessity, not just a want.


But, before you start looking through honeymoon catalogues, it’s important to know that not all honeymoons are the same. In fact, there are a variety of honeymoon styles for you to choose from. And, just like choosing your bride or groom, you must find the perfect match for you!

Take a look at the different types below to find out where you and your partner should be celebrating after your big day…

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Adventure Honeymoon

An adventure-type honeymoon relies on nature being the backbone of the experience. If you’re lucky enough to get perfect weather, this could be the trip of a lifetime.

Adventure honeymoons are perfect for those go-getting millennials that don’t mind living out of a backpack for a week or so. So, if you’re ready to spend your mornings brushing your teeth with water from the lake, or the much less than ideal pain from sleeping without a mattress, start looking through our best recommended places for an exciting honeymoon.

Honeymoon With Friends

Ideal for more open couples who love independence and whose friends are a fundamental pillar in their lives. Although it may at first most ideal for young couples, it seems to be most popular with couples who marry later in life.

This honeymoon, of course, combines tourism with many moments of relaxation, baths, meals and small parties. In this type of trips, it is very common to rent boats, make dinners on board, road-trips and, in short, celebrate love and life.

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Cultural Honeymoon

The idea of a cultural honeymoon is that you and your partner take the opportunity to completely lose yourself in the culture of another country.

Often couples decide on a honeymoon where they can relax 24/7 and do not much more than sunbathe and stroll. With the cultural type honeymoon however, it’s all go. From AM to PM, on a cultural honeymoon making sure you get the most out of your destination is priority. So, whether that be getting to know all the architecture, art through trips to museums, or spending time with the locals to find out what music, food and traditions are popular in this part of the world, opting for a cultural honeymoon is for those who want to return back to the UK more knowledgable than they were before!

Honeymoon With Family

Honeymooning with your close family is an ideal way to celebrate for those who have held a bigger sized wedding as you may want to take the time to spend quality time with your partner, your family and your partner’s family. We know that at a wedding things can get carried away and you may find yourself not spending that much time with your nearest and dearest, especially if you’ve had a large wedding, so why not use the honeymoon as a chance for some relaxation as a family. Also, if you’re a couple who already has children, this may be the only option available…

Photo via Shutterstock: TravnikovStudio

Road-trip Honeymoon

Why limit yourself to one location? Instead of spending your entire budget on a one-location vacation, the solution could be to divide the trip into several. Road-tripping means you and your partner get to see all the places that you both want to see, and there’s nothing like driving through beautiful landscapes with some good music and the love of your life.


A mini-moon is for those couples who want to either save up for a bigger trip, or are waiting for the right season (and time off of work!). There’s no doubt after the wedding day you’ll want to celebrate in some way, but waiting for the big honeymoon may seem like forever. If this is the case, taking a small honeymoon away just the two of you may just be the break you need to take in the events of the past few months.

“Unplugged” Honeymoon

The term unplugged is used for musical sessions performed by groups without electronic instruments, limited to acoustic sound and a very intimate atmosphere. It gives title to numerous albums of mythical bands and, for your special honeymoon, you can take the nickname, as long as you are totally unplugged from the technology: so no mobiles, tablets, television, or Internet. Nothing at all.

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