Fab ideas to decorate your wedding day with balloons!

If you're in the midst of wedding planning don't miss this gallery full of amazing ideas on how to incorporate balloons into your big day!

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This year’s wedding decoration trend has left us flying high. More and more couples are thinking out of the box and being creative with the decor for their ceremony and reception, from decorating their wedding chairs to making personalised centrepieces for an original touch. Rustic and vintage styled weddings have never been a more popular choice however themed weddings are also making a comeback. After the major success of Pixar’s heartwarming film Up, many couples were truly inspired and went for a wedding with colourful balloons at the heart of the decor. In this gallery we are sharing some amazing ideas for incorporating balloons into your big day.


Stylish balloons are totally on trend and brilliant for photo ops. They allow you to really let your personality shine through by adding a playful and chic element. There are tons of grown up ways to use balloons as decoration for weddings not just for your average children’s birthday party. You can decorate the altar, the bridal car, the seating plan and the tables.

Take a look at all these ideas to give your wedding decor a splash of colour and glamour. We love that balloons don’t cost the earth to sort and your guest can release them into the sky to bring your celebration to an end!

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Fab ideas to decorate your wedding day with balloons!