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We're a family business. We make everything from scratch in our London Kitchen using our unique recipes. We never use weird ingredients, just the absolute best. We sell online and in Selfridges.

Anges de Sucre's founder, Reshmi Bennett, is the Head Chef and creative director behind the brand's innovative and unique gourmet sweet treats menu and flavours. Having studied Economics & Statistics at UCL, Reshmi then went on to work in the city before deciding to pursue her culinary dreams of chef training in Paris at Ecole Gregoire Ferrandi, where she fell in love with fine French patisserie. Lucky for her that her gamble of choosing macaroon-making over Excel modelling paid off!

We love weddings and understand how important it is for your wedding cake to feel uniquely yours. We’d love to hear from you to find out how Anges de Sucre can help make your wedding day in London perfect. Did we mention we also make custom macaroon wedding favours and bespoke dessert tables?


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Selfridges Bakery 400 Oxford Street WA1 1AB London
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