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Lina es licenciada en Publicidad y Relaciones Públicas. Siempre ha compartido una gran pasión por la escritura, la fotografía y el mundo digital. Gracias a su trabajo en Zankyou ha descubierto el divertido mundo de las bodas y está día a día en contacto con profesionales del sector hablando sobre las últimas tendencias. ¿Lo que más disfruta? Descubrir los must en looks de novia, conocer destinos insólitos de viajes para novios y los DYIs.

How to boost your bookings through promotions and discounts

6 Nov 2020
Everyone loves a good deal when spending their hard earned money. In these though times creating promotional marketing strategies can benefit your business by offering something different and of value to your potential customers, while keeping up with your competitors.

The winners of the ZIWA 2020 awards are here!

16 Oct 2020
Our ZIWA (Zankyou International Wedding Awards) tenth annual celebration has been a success! We are very proud to introduce our winners for this edition in this article.

6 pro tips for handling pricing inquiries from couples

27 Jul 2020
For wedding professionals, price policies and negotiations are extremely important, and sometimes hard to navigate, as weddings are more often than not, a custom service that's difficult to categorize in a unique product with a specific price tag. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind in order to communicate how you charge for your work and services online in order to book more weddings.

Why does response time matter when booking more couples?

13 Jul 2020
It is very simple: the longer you take to contact a bride or groom after they request information about your services, the less likely you are to close a sale for that wedding. Why is this response time so critical to your business? In this article we'll cover some studies regarding this and how you can reduce your time response so you can improve your sales and bookings exponentially.

How to communicate your brand to couples

15 Jun 2020
So you’ve set up your own wedding business, whether that be in photography, wedding planning or handmade decorations and favours. Perhaps you run a venue, a “first dance” company or offer luxury transport services. Whichever field you’re in, the key to success is ensuring that your target couples know exactly what you offer and ultimately choose you.

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