The Best Historical Places To Get Married In Portugal

If you want a magical wedding, Portugal is a destination with many options. From North to South you can find incredible locations that are rich with history and culture. Some of these locations are origins of myths, displays of tradition, ancient legend and love. The walls of these buildings tell stories and are therefore the perfect setting to start a new chapter of yours.

The Best Historical Places To Get Married In Portugal
The Quinta - My Vintage Wedding in Portugal
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Portugal is a country with a unique historical heritage, one that has become increasingly more important for couples deciding on their wedding location. Portugal offers so much in the way of its climate, architecture and cuisine. Specifically however, Portugal is the home of many buildings, palaces and monuments that are the perfect setting for a wedding abroad.


There are places that tell us all the stories of myths and legends, walls that symbolise lost battles and victories… How could you say no to this for your wedding day? Why not start your history as a married couple in such a historically and culturally rich country?

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Aguiam Wedding Photography

The Quinta – My Vintage Wedding in Portugal is surrounded by gardens and woods, with lovely views of the ocean and of splendid sunsets. This venue has a classic style to evoke the romantic feeling of Sintra. The location offers endless stunning backdrops for photo opportunities, from the grand staircase, to the fabulous French gardens, the fountain with its breath-taking view and the surrounding forest; all are truly magical settings.

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Photo: The Quinta – My Vintage Wedding in Portugal

To help you plan and design your wedding, The Quinta – My Vintage Wedding in Portugal has a team of wedding designers and planners at your disposal. Contact The Quinta – My Vintage Wedding in Portugal for a stress-free but spectacular wedding day.

The Quinta do Torneiro is an incredible venue for weddings and events in Lisbon, Portugal. Despite its city location, the impressive estate is surrounded by vast grounds including a beautiful French garden and a 17th century chapel. It is a family owned and operated business that is devoted to satisfying their customers by providing a high quality service. They are a friendly, helpful, supportive team that wants nothing more than to see you experience your dream wedding.

The terrace is perfect for the wedding reception, and as a bonus it can be covered if it gets chilly, so you can remain in the enchanting garden for as long as you like. In terms of accommodation, for the newlyweds and their guests there is a master suite and 5 rooms as well as ample parking, so there is plenty of space for all the family and friends to attend.

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Photo: Quinta do Torneiro

palatial building with both an exquisite interior and exterior, Quinta do Torneiro is the ideal venue to host your dream wedding in Portugal whilst enjoying both the glamorous city and the gorgeous countryside.

From North to South, you can find interesting spaces with idyllic landscapes and distinctive monuments to celebrate your wedding. One of these spaces is the Convento de Sandelgas, located in Coimbra, where you can enjoy a glamorous, refined wedding.

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Convento de Sandelgas

There is a story in every room, full of the charm you desire to fulfil your lifelong dreams of a fairy-tale wedding. With characteristic and cultural architecture, the Convento de Sandelgas is the ideal place to spend your special day. The gardens surrounding the convento and the chapel where you can celebrate your ceremony are perfect settings to celebrate a love story.

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Quinta de S.Gens

Quinta de S.Gens is an 18th century manor house, a true paradisiacal venue for a wedding. The mysterious history of the manor is prevalent, with access to areas of the house that were built centuries ago through tunnels that connect the house to the gardens, fountain and the lake. If you want a venue that combines history and nature, then this place ticks both boxes because it has a huge forest area (perfect for your photos) and a panoramic backdrop. Located in the city of Ourém, your party will be completely exclusive because they only celebrate one event a day.

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Quinta de S.Gens

You do not have to be classic or old fashioned to want to get married in one of these places. It is more than enough just to feel good in the location. If you prefer a themed wedding or a specific type of decoration, you can adapt these locations. The important thing is that you feel good.

These historical spaces give a special ambience to weddings, not only because of their historical significance, but also because buildings such as palaces, monasteries, estates and manors are places that are less and less present in our daily lives and in modern society.  Getting married in one of these locations is like entering a different era and living a whole day separately to any other day of your life.

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