The Best Historical Places To Get Married In Portugal

The Best Historical Places To Get Married In Portugal

If you want a magical and original wedding Portugal is a destination with many options. From North to South you can find immense places that are a historical heritage of a country. Places of myths, traditions, legends and loves, walls that tell stories and are the perfect setting to start a new chapter of yours.

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Portugal is a country with a unique historical heritage, one that has become increasingly more important when couple are deciding on their wedding location. Portugal offers so much in the way of its climes, architecture and cuisine. Specifically though, Portugal is the home of many buildings, palaces and monuments that are the perfect setting for a wedding abroad.  Some

Places that tells us all the myths and legends, walls that symbolise lost battles and victories… Who could turn all of this away for their wedding day. Portugal is a country full of history. It’s heritage inspires new beginning and has many historical corners where you’ll want to tell your stories.

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Aguiam Wedding Photography

From North to South, you can find interesting spaces with idyllic landscapes and unique monuments to celebrate your wedding. One of these spaces is the Convent of Sandelgas, located in Coimbra, where you can enjoy a wedding of glamour and refinement.

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Convento de Sandelgas

In each corner a story, in each space the charm to live the fairy tale you’ve always dreamed. With unique and cultural architecture, the Convento de Sandelgas is the ideal place to spend your special day. The gardens surrounding the convent and the chapel where you can celebrate your ceremony are the ideal setting to celebrate a love story.

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“An enchanted place with a wonderful garden and a lady who is not only a very talented decorator with excellent taste in everything she does but also one of the most cherished people ever. We celebrated our wedding at the Convent in 2012 and it was all perfect! Thank you very much.” – Sara – Client of the Convento de Sandelgas.

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Central Palace

Alternatively, the Central Palace is a building with a history dating back to 1154. The land where the Central Palace is located was donated by the first king of Portugal D.Afonso Henriques and D.Mafalda. This land was inhabited by the Templars for centuries. Located in Sintra, it suffered the devastating consequences of the 1755 earthquake along with its neighbours. Therefore, the Central Palace was rebuilt.

saveCentral Palace Learn more about “Central Palace ”
Central Palace

In the twentieth century it was bought by a private owner and in 1900 took on the name of Central Palace. For decades, it was one of the most famous hotels in Lisbon and Sintra, frequented by the aristocracy and bourgeoisie of the society of the time. A Hotel that internationally divulged Sintra. With panoramic views, sea views and a listed heritage make this space the idyllic spot for your wedding.

saveCentral Palace Learn more about “Central Palace ”
Central Palace

If you want a more intimate, easily accessible wedding, where you feel close to your guests, Central Palace will be perfect for you. With all the charm and sophistication of yesteryear as well as the modernity of your wedding, you can celebrate your civil ceremony here.

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Quinta de S.Gens

With an 18th century manor house, Quinta de S.Gens is a true paradise to live a love story. The mystic of other times is present in the air, with areas of the seventeenth century that can be accessed through a tunnel that connects to the gardens, fountain and a lake in an area outside. If you want a space with history and at the same time that you are in contact with nature, this place collects all the conditions, because it has a huge forest area (perfect for your photos) and a landscape as the ideal backdrop. Located in the city of Ourém, your party will be exclusive and unique because they only celebrate one event a day.

saveQuinta de S.Gens Learn more about “Quinta de S.Gens ”
Quinta de S.Gens

You do not have to be classic to want to get married in one of these places. It is enough to feel good in the environments of peace that surround them. If you prefer a themed wedding or some specific type of decoration, you can also adapt to one of these locations. The important thing is that you feel good and that it is exactly your age and your half.

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Solar de Vilar

In the North of Portugal, more precisely in Viseu there is an abridged space, with a unique architecture that can be the stage of your wedding. Solar de Vilar is classified heritage and composed of all the necessary and fundamental aspects for a marriage. With garden, view, tent, dance floor, children’s playground and panoramic views, your guests will remember for ever this happy day.

saveSolar de VilarLearn more about “Solar de Vilar”
Solar de Vilar

The customer service is amazing, with a team of more than 20 years who organise everything from catering to decoration.

The historical spaces give another ambience to their marriages not only because of its historical weight, but also because buildings such as palaces, monasteries, lots and cellars are places that are less and less present in our daily lives and in modern society. So it’s like entering a different environment from the one we see every day, getting married and living a whole day of a unique experience.

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