Providers You Will Appreciate Having Planned Before Your Destination Wedding In Italy

When you're trying to organise over 100 people flying to another country to see you and your love marry, there are going to be hiccups along the way, but this is to be expected. One thing you CAN avoid is any hiccups withwedding providers...

Providers You Will Appreciate Having Planned Before Your Destination Wedding In Italy
Marco Annunziata
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Organising a holiday can be complicated. Organising a wedding is even more so. When you’re trying to organise over 100 people flying to another country to see you and your love marry, there are going to be hiccups along the way, but this is to be expected. One thing you can avoid is having hiccups with wedding providers…

It’s a daunting task getting married abroad, we know. But, if you take care of as much as you before heading out there, it will go a lot smoother than you may think! This is why we have compiled a list of providers for a destination wedding in Italy so that you know you can rely on professionals before you even arrive, and therefore you can making organising process a lot more enjoyable.

First on your list will be the location. There are ample amazing venues in Italy, it’s almost like it was a country made for destination weddings…

Villa Hotel Montegranelli

This 18th century villa still retains the name of the original owners. Nowadays, it features 3 beautiful dining-rooms and 21 guest-rooms, characterised by the warmth of the stone that forms large arches and vaults that enhance all senses. The building has an L-shaped plan and 3 stories. The Montegranelli Restaurant has three dining rooms. In addition to the Umbrian dishes are treated and also served dishes that follow the best Italian tradition with particular regard to the choice of the best raw materials locallly available.

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Photo: Villa Hotel Montegranelli

Castel d’Acone

Castel d’Acone offers you a unique and unforgettable experience. An ancient farmhouse complex owned by the Giuliano Spagnoli family situated on a hill in the heart of the “Chianti Rufina”, it is composed of a square villa with stone walls, raised above the foundations of the ancient castle of Cerchi, severely damaged from the war events. On the border of the villa there is a restored village divided into apartments, available to be rented all year, which have kept their historical value intact.

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Photo: Castel D’Acone

Another important detail, and certainly something not likely to be transported easily from the UK to your wedding destination, is the flowers. The flowers grown in Italy are second-to-none

Ikebana Piante e Fiori

Ikebana is situated in the city centre of Perugia, and always provides fresh flowers and plants of every variety and species. It was born in the 70s with the desire to give customers new and original creations, with staff trained in the most famous schools and specialised in the world of weddings.

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Photo: Ikebana Piante e Fiori

Hiring a professional photographer who listens to your every wish is imperative to the organisation of a destination wedding. Fortunately, we have a lot of Italian photographers who know exactly how to get the perfect photo album…

Marco Annunziata

Marco Annunziata is a young photographer from Campania who is dedicated to wedding photography. In his shots he aims to capture the informality and beauty of places, people and souls. He is available for weddings in some of the hottest places in the world for weddings: the islands of Ischia and Capri and the whole Amalfi and Sorrento coast.

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Photo: Marco Annunziata

Hiring a wedding planner is a must, period.


Wellchome has the experience to make real what you have tried to imagine. They take care of all aspects, from invitations, to the clothes, the location and everything in between. Wellchome offers creative ideas and meticulous attention to every little detail! See for yourself.

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Photo: Wellchome

Manuela Lo Presti

Talking of the wedding looks, Manuela Lo Presti is an expert in wedding dresses, which comes from many years of experience in the world of high fashion. In her studio she will design a unique dress just for you. Thanks to her creativity, you will be able to see your dream come to life: from the sketch to the tailor-making, all the while actively participating in the creative process.

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Photo: Manuela Lo Presti

Le Vie en Blanc

Equally, Le Vie en Blanc love to create bespoke dresses for contemporary brides. A continuous search for the finest and most comfortable fabrics, suited to one’s style and at every moment, meets a modern vision and the ancient knowledge that transformed Le Vie en Blanc into a reference point for connoisseurs. Their fabrics are hand-made, combining quality and taste, with particular attention to detail and the desire to find the right harmony between all the components of the perfect accessory.

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Photo: Le Vie en Blanc

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you will need to arrange transport for your destination wedding.

Transfer In Sardinia

Transfer in Sardinia has been operating for several years in the sector of rentals and transfers in Sardinia. Their professionalism is guaranteed by the presence of qualified and bilingual drivers, so you can easily get by if you’re not confident in your knowledge of Italian. Their main goal is to make their guests travel around Sardinia feeling relaxed and safe with maximum comfort, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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