Incorporate Crochet into Your Wedding: The Trend That's Here to Stay!

Whether it’s part of the design of a wedding dress or just a detail in your wedding decorations, some crochet adds a touch of traditional elegance. Crochet doesn’t have to be reminiscent of the old days if you don’t want it to be. Here are a few suggestions on how you could incorporate crochet into your wedding in a fresh and original way.

Flowing dresses with modern silhouettes are currently one of the most popular designs among brides, with many women preferring a laid back, and bohemian feel.

These kinds of dresses owe themselves to a vintage feel, meaning you can easily add some crochet touches without them looking out of place. If you’re looking for a super subtle way to add some crochet to your look, why not use a long and delicate length of crochet to tie your bouquet together?

Another way you could bring in a touch of crochet is in your table decorations. When it comes to wedding decorations, it’s all in the detail, and little, handmade place settings with a crochet border or perhaps an organza pochette tied up with a crochet ribbon are sort of details that will add the perfect finishing touch to any wedding.

Little crochet details are a particularly good idea if you are planning a rustic wedding, although that’s not to say you can’t get creative regardless of your wedding theme.

Cereja Weddings
Cereja Weddings

For example you could even have crochet patterned icing on your wedding cake which will look almost too good to eat!

Cereja Weddings
Cereja Weddings

These are just a few suggestions to get your imaginations going. Keep an open mind and keep your eyes peeled for ideas; you never know where you might be when something grabs your attention!

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