10 Inventive Ways to Personalise Your Wedding: Be Fun, Quirky and Creative

Want a wedding that is completely personal to you but unsure of how to incorporate personal elements? This article is for you! Don't let your big day be a cookie-cutter-wedding, make sure that it portrays your personality!

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Different weddings may use the same venue, wedding planner, or catering company, but no two weddings are exactly alike.

It’s the finishing touches; the invites, centrepieces, décor, music, favours, tables and guestbook, that really make each wedding personal and unique for each couple. Prepare to be inspired with these inventive ways to tailor your day to reflect your personal styles.


1. Send Caricature Invitations

Once you have your all-important date and venue, it’s time to let your dearest and nearest know. These days, wedding invitations come in all forms, and there is a whole host of beautiful and specialised ranges out there. Your wedding invitations should, if possible, reflect your wedding style or theme. Incorporate artistic floral frames for a country wedding style; use deep tones and rich hues for an autumnal celebration; try a Gatsby style for a jazzy 1920s party; traditional calligraphy for a fairy-tale style. Whatever your wedding theme, choosing your invitations and stationary accordingly makes for an accomplished and consistent style throughout.

However, as a quirky and bold couple you may be looking to make more of a statement with your invitations. Perhaps you want to make your guests laugh, or give them a hint that you’re special day will be personal and unique. If this is the case, original invitations from El Coyote are perfect for you. Have the talented artists recreate your personality as a couple with some hilarious caricatures of you both. You’ll be the protagonists of your own wedding stationary, and your guests will want to keep them forever.

All you have to do is send some of your favourite photos to El Coyote, based in Spain, along with some details about your hobbies and interests. These talented professionals understand that every couple is different, and so work hard to make each funny design reflect your essence.

saveWedding Invitations by El CoyoteLearn more about “Wedding Invitations by El Coyote”
Wedding Invitations by El Coyote

Also, with El Coyote, it doesn’t just end at the invitations. You can have guestbooks made starring you both on the front, and also cartoon maps with directions to find the venue!

2. Decorate your reception with your favourite photos

It cannot be denied that photos make incredible decorations. Whether they are replacing table numbers or featured as memories around the room, they help to make your wedding truly unique to you. If your venue has the wall space, put framed photos up everywhere to really add some nostalgia to your big day.

savePhoto: IVASHstudio
Photo: IVASHstudio

Another photo-related idea is leaving disposable cameras on all the tables for your guests. This way, you will be able to get photos developed that are more spontaneous and funny than those taken by your photographer.

savePhoto via shutterstock
Photo via shutterstock

You could also invest in a polaroid camera and have your guests insert photos in a guestbook, for a a lovely and artistic reminder of who came, and what they had to say.

savePhoto: Matthew Nigel
Photo: Matthew Nigel

3. Give seed packets of your favourite flowers to guests

When it comes to favours for the guests, what could be more personal than customised packets of seeds so that every guest can grow your favourite flower? It’s the perfect momentum of a perfect day. Especially if you’re nature lovers! Check out notonthehighstreet.com for these and other inventive and original favour ideas.

savePersonalised Seed Packets, Notonthehighstreet.com
Personalised Seed Packets, Notonthehighstreet.com

4. Name your tables after places that you have travelled to together

The wanderlust couple are a popular breed. Their mutual goal, apart from having a healthy relationship, is to see the world together. In most relationships, memories of  holiday vacations are often among the most cherished. There’s just something really romantic about sharing new experiences, cultures, climates and food with the person you love.

Table numbers are boring. So, if you both love to travel, name each table after your favourite places all over the world.

savePhoto: Roman Samborskyi
Photo: Roman Samborskyi

5. Flavour your wedding with gastronomic treats

If you’re a foodie couple, there are many ways to reflect your tastes. Consider naming each table after one of your favourite dishes, cuisines, restaurants, drinks or cocktails. Have sweet tables, cheese tables, and canapés that you want each one of your guests to experience. Everything down to the champagne can be personalised yet still tasty. For example, a DIY “pimp my prosecco” table, with pick’n’mix fruit, will surely excite your guests!

In regards to wedding favors, you can be as creative as you like. Personalised bottles of chilli oil with authentic and quirky labels will really spice things up. Or, for something a little sweeter, check out these cute and personalised jars of honey and jam from Custom Love Gifts.

Custom Love Gifts

6. Have every guest take your playlist home

If you are music fanatics, then we have some fantastic ideas for you. You could have met at a festival, you could be musicians, or you simply both share a love for a certain type of music. Either way, let everyone know through your wedding decorations!

Your wedding playlist will say a lot about you, so create some very personal CD covers with Sixpence Paperie and have everyone take home the sound of your wedding. Alternatively, you can customize music-themed compact mirrors for your female guests with the help of Love Me Do Design!

Sixpence Paperie and Love Me Do Design

7. Serve special wines dated from the year in which you met

If you’ve seen The Parent Trap, you’ll know exactly what we’re getting at. Everyone loves a top up at a wedding, but make the act of ‘being merry’ even more special by choosing wines that mean something to you. You can get wines personalised to any occasion really, so get creative and go bonkers. Your wedding is probably the most appropriate occasion to have a custom wine, so cheers to that!

8. Provide flip-flops to keep the ladies dancing all night long!

It’s a lovely touch to add to your dance floor: baskets of flip flops so that no-one has painful, tired feet. After all, the dance floor is where the funniest memories are made, so allow your bridal party to keep dancing well on into the next day. Make sure to include a variety of sizes for different size feet! Check out these from Fabelle London.

saveWedding Flip Flops, Fabelle London
Wedding Flip Flops, Fabelle London

9. Create a signature cocktail

If you love tropical flavours and trying new things, then have a special cocktail named after you and your loved one, on offer to your guests  One that they can only try at your wedding. You’ll have lots of fun coming up with fruity combinations and designing a concoction to flavour your day! If you’re not into alcoholic drinks, why not create a list of non-alcoholic cocktails? Who says a wedding without booze has to be boring? Keep those hangovers at bay with some classy and chic mocktails.

savePhoto via shutterstock
Photo via shutterstock

10. Fundraise for a cause that is close to your hearts

People spend a lot on their weddings, it’s a fact. You want to ensure everyone is having fun, with great food, drink and entertainment. But since this is a time for love and sharing, it’s also the perfect time to mention a charitable cause that is dear to you, and ask guests to make donations as they leave.

This way, your wedding will not only be the best day of your life, but also beneficial to others who are less lucky! This is exactly what Tom + Amy did for their Real Wedding – click here to learn more.

savePhoto via shutterstock
Photo via shutterstock

So there you have it! Inventive ways to make your wedding personal to you. In a world dominated by social media, it’s very easy to be heavily influenced by what other people are doing, but when it comes to your wedding day, it’s very important for it to be orientated toward you and your partner’s needs. Make sure to inject a bit of personality into your big day and you won’t regret it!

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