30 Incredible invitation ideas for your 2016 wedding, the first impression always makes a lasting impression.

Make the best first impression and really set the scene for your wedding with the most unique, original and inviting invitations for your guests.

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Invitations are the calling card for any important event and in the case of your wedding the importance has an even superior level. When an engagement is announced and we know we will be invited, we are always looking forward to receiving the formal invitation, to see the choice of colour and design as we know this generally plays a big part in the wedding theme. This is not always the same, as there are occasions, particularly with last minute weddings when the invites are not always considered important with regards to design. There are so many options available for invites these days and also lots of different ways to send and receive them, but here we invite you to view a gorgeous gallery of examples for you to consider.

From simple designs to a classic flyer with a large envelope lined inside to stamps and attached details such as lace trimings or bows. A very fashionable theme of late is handpainted drawings in watercolours or something more animated and bold is a printed postcard or music CDs! There is also a growing trend for short movies as an invite that the couple make themselves.

No wedding takes place without invitations, it just depends on what type, style and theme you finally go for. Once your guests have received theirs, you can start to focus on how you will decorate the ceremony, venue and wedding breakfast tables. So, you are marrying in 2016 and can not miss the handpicked selection that we are dying to present to you.

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