How To Decorate a Rustic Wedding: Discover the Most Chic Tricks!

The rustic-style wedding will be sure to a hit for the weddings of 2019. If you’re organising a wedding for next year, don’t overlook the classic but contemporary rustic style. Full of environmentally friendly decorative elements, this style is definitely not going out of style. Read on to find out how to decorate a rustic wedding in 5 steps with the most chic trends for the coming season

  1. Venue
  2. Natural Elements
  3. Chic Details 
  4. Pastel Colour
  5. Unique Stationery
Lindsay Hite
Photo: Lindsay Hite

1. Choose The Ideal Venue

It may seem difficult to combine two styles into one, even more so when it comes to the rustic and the chic elements as some may be quick to assume they are so different in their nature. But no! The rustic style needs a natural environment, perhaps in a barn or outdoors in the country with antique elements. By adding super chic elements such as candles, glass jars and hanging plants, you’ll be sure to achieve the perfect blend of both styles!

Of course, if you love the rustic style and want your wedding to be primarily outdoors, be conscious about the weather, if you’re getting married in winter, or even spring, be aware of the early nights. To add an extra chic element, use candles and rows of lights to light to aisle!

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Yeray Cruz
Photo: Yeray Cruz

2. Use Natural Elements

There is a wide variety of elements that can adapt your wedding to a rustic chic style, but at Zankyou we suggest these dreamy decorations: Wood, logs and stones. These rustic elements, along with flowers will make your day extra unique. Of course, flowers are present in all celebrations, bringing joy and colour to the event and also giving off the best aromas. But with a rustic style wedding, flowers are paramount.

Foto: María Limón Atelier Floral
Photo: María Limón Atelier Floral
Photo: photoLOVEgraphy

3. Bet on Super Chic Details

These elements should be combined or decorated with accessories that will put the chic part of your celebration, such as porcelain details, vintage elements such as antique typewriters or candlesticks, candles, lace fabrics

Choose an imperial wooden table that is worn; Place long delicate lace fabrics in the centre of the table from one end to the other, and use small glass jars filled with wildflowers combined with foliage and wood textures as centrepieces. They will give your wedding a lot of personality! Mind you, do not abuse these elements since the wedding may end up having more vintage style than rustic-chic. Place porcelain tableware stamped with unique designs, forget the plain colors and opt for geometric drawings. Your wedding will be a sensory experience!

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Heather Hawkins
Photo: Heather Hawkins
Kate Ignatowski
Photo: Kate Ignatowski
Yeray Cruz
Photo: Yeray Cruz
Yeray Cruz
Photo: Yeray Cruz
Pedro Bellido
Photo: Pedro Bellido
Moment Feliç Casaments
Photo: Moment Feliç Casaments

4. Use Pastel Colours

In addition to the colours of the environment, wood and green leaf colours, use pastel colours such as rose quartz, white or nude and oranges or coral, which counteract the classic with the chic. So, if you are a bride who likes to take risks, bet on several tones and combine them in the best way. If, on the other hand, you prefer to step on solid ground, both the glass elements and the centrepieces and the hanging elements combined with white flowers will be great.

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Foto: Noé Ariza
Photo: Noé Ariza
Foto: Noé Ariza
Photo: Noé Ariza

5. Choose Unique Stationery

In a rustic wedding everything counts. So, in terms of stationery, you can play with new techniques so that everything acquires a country touch without forgetting the chic element. In this sense, it begins with invitations of recycled paper, vintage calligraphy, natural references and interesting additions inside or on the envelope, such as ropes or burlap.

Next, change the traditional paper for one with more rural substance and use pen to write. Although you can also replace this stationery with other elements such as wood, fabrics or slate to make the save the date, the menus and the posters that serve as a guide to all the guests during the big day. The fact is that the details evoke the rural environment that you have tried to capture with the rest of the games.

Now you know how to decorate a very chic rustic celebration. You will have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of, and your guests will enjoy your company like never before!

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