Romantic roses for your 2015 wedding decor!

Romantic roses for your 2015 wedding decor!

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Having roses as part of your wedding decor is always a wonderful thing. An English rose is traditional and classic yet young and fresh. A beautiful symbol of passion, love and romance that in their diverse colours can add a touch of magic to any event.

In our gallery, we want to show you a variety of ways in which to use this famous flower. These beautiful blooms come in a range of sizes and tones and can be used for table centrepieces, chair decorations, cake decorations and even as cute DIY decorations.

Roses are at their peak from spring until the end of summer, so if you’re planning on having a spring/summer wedding this year, these flowers are perfect for you.

Not just for decor either, have roses as part of the groom’s buttonhole or as the main flowers in the bridal bouquets (just like I did!). A classic flower for a very classy wedding.

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