Choosing A Wedding Planner: Top Choices For Your Destination Wedding In Italy

Find out why organising a destination wedding has never been easier as we give you our top recommendations for wedding planners all over Italy.

Choosing A Wedding Planner: Top Choices For Your Destination Wedding In Italy
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Hiring a wedding planner for your wedding day or weekend has always been somewhat of a luxury. For the modern bridal couple, however, it is a necessary tool for organising the day you have always dreamt of. Wedding experts tell us that hiring a wedding planner is one of the most beneficial things a couple can do once they have decide to marry, and it is most certainly one of the most important if you are organising a destination wedding! Read on to discover our recommendations for the best wedding planners in Italy


Once you have brainstormed with your partner, or perhaps decided on a few details, you should begin looking for a destination wedding planner whose working style complements yours. If you are looking for a wedding planner working in Italy then we have a couple of options for you:

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White Notes

To plan a wedding perfectly requires competence and great attention to detail, which those responsible may not have. At White Notes they strive to have a close relationship with their clients, to be their partner, not just their employer.

saveWhite NotesFind out more about White Notes
White Notes

Thanks to their extensive knowledge of the area and their experience in the sector, they can choose exactly the right suppliers for your event in order to find suitable solutions that are tailored to your needs and personality. White Notes always guarantee the highest standards in every service they provide.

saveWhite NotesFind out more about White Notes
White Notes

The experts of Vie en Rose Fabulous Moments will help you organise your destination wedding to create an unforgettable day for you and your guests. They want you to relax on your big day and allow them to do everything in order to make your wedding perfect. Be prepared to enjoy a day full of smiles, kisses, hugs, happy tears, and a wedding album which captures each and every one of these moments!

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Photo: Vie en Rose Fabulous Moments

Olga Brovelli is the founder of EachOther Weddings and Events.  She started her career in the luxury hotel industry after completing her degree in Archaeology. Olga is serious and passionate about her job, and she enthusiastically welcomes couples from all over the world. She holds hospitality to a very high standard and is especially creative and innovative in her field.  This makes her the perfect wedding planner for destination weddings, for example, in Tuscany, Italy, a place which is full of history, enchanting locations and breath taking scenery.

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Photo: Eachother Weddings and Events

Every couple is unique – that’s the spirit of the Italian destination wedding planners BELLA VITA Wedding & Event Planner, who wants to accomplish one fundamental mission with their work: understanding and full-filling all of the couple’s wishes, dreams and thoughts to create a unique and exciting wedding day together. They excel as wedding planners and we love their precision, attention to detail and creativity

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Photo: BELLA VITA Wedding & Event Planner

Founded in 2008, ideeventi helps bridal couples in Europe and around the world to realize their perfect destination wedding in Italy. With offices in Calabria and Milan, they have a wide network of experts who will craft an elegant and truly memorable wedding for you in this beautiful country. The know all of the top experts including: floral design, photography, entertainment and catering.

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Photo: Ideeventi

Specialized in local weddings and international destination weddings, Violet Events is always in contact with people, the public and experts in the wedding industry to learn more about perfect weddings. The wedding planners Veronica and Elena are passionate and sensible when starting to plan a new wedding. Their agency will help you to celebrate a tailor-made wedding in Italy and will make all of your dreams come true.

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Photo: Violet Events

Unique and evocative settings as well as happy couples are the main goals for the international wedding planners Atmosphere Creatori D’emozioni, who will help you to fulfil all of your dreams. They support you in creating magical and surreal atmospheres for your big day and will arouse special sensations that will remain in your and your guests memories forever!

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Photo: Atmosphere Creatori D’emozioni

The Tuscan Wedding Events was created in 2009 by Francesca. Speaking with her, she told us that the best thing about what she does is allowing her couples to fully enjoy their most important day in Tuscany where they can enjoy a beautiful friendship with her and her assistant Manola. For her this is incredibly important; from the beginning of the planning process to their special day, a bond is inevitably created between Francesca and her couples that lasts a lifetime.

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Photo: The Tuscan Wedding Events

Above & Beyond work throughout the area of Tuscany. As they do so they make sure to make every step a step in the direction of making a couple’s wedding dreams come true. They specialise in themed weddings; is there something that you like? A colour, a flower, a sensation, a feeling, an idea, it could be the perfect place to start planning your event!

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Photo: Above & Beyond

The team at Vis a Vis Weddevent accompany each couple step by step. From choosing the right dress to the all important wedding favours, they will play as big of a role as you wish. Their great passion for weddings led to a collaboration with an agency in Turin where they deepens the “secrets of the trade” and create a completely “hand made” and unique experience for both the wedding couple and their guests.

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Photo: Vis a Vis Weddevent

Chapeau Consulting is composed of a uniquely talented team. However, located in Sardinia, it’s not just the team that’s impressive. In Sardinia you can find mountainous views and sandy beaches which make the perfect backdrop for your wedding event. With Chapeau Consulting you can make the most of this by picking their brains for the best local suppliers, meaning that you can feel relaxed knowing your wedding is in safe hands.

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Photo: Chapeau Consulting

Maison Mariage Party & Wedding stems from the belief that marriage must be treated with love and creativity in every detail. It is precisely the passion that this team (Silvia and Alessandro) put into their work. Located in Rome, they have been making couples’ dreams come true since 2006 when they combined their professional skills as experts in business communication and theatrical set design. Together Silvia and Alessandro are the perfect team for your unique event.

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Photo: Maison Mariage Weddings & Events

Leo Eventi specialises in destination weddings in Italy for couples from all around the world. Based in Tuscany but offering services in Lake Como, the Amalfi Coast, Apulia and Sicily, this team never stop in their quest to create the perfect wedding event. Their English-speaking team has a history of professional experience in the wedding industry so for them there is nothing too difficult, just a challenge they are willing to take on.

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Photo: Leo Eventi

Chosen by Zankyou Italy for the third consecutive year, Anna Frascisco is a top 10 ranked wedding planner. For this team inspiration and imagination are part of the DNA of each of their events, but what is most important is absolute professionalism. Speaking with them, they tell us that this is because they believe that before planning they are consultants, and behind a perfect image, there is always a raw idea. Anna Frascisco was born in Italy but works (impressively) all around the world!

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Photo: Anna Frascisco

The U&I and everybody else agency accompany their clients in the realisation of their deepest dreams. These professionals are there to make sure your desires can be achieved with consideration of your budget. Their approach amalgamates patience, attention to detail and lots of creativity. Located in Lamezia Terme this team are just a phone call away!

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Photo: U&I and everybody else

If you have been thinking about a wedding day or weekend on the beautiful terrain of Italy, be sure to contact your favourite wedding planner working in the area that takes your fancy and begin a conversation!

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