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  • Can you imagine getting married 66 times? This couple did... to each other!

Can you imagine getting married 66 times? This couple did... to each other!

Can you imagine getting married 66 times? This couple did... to each other!

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How many times have you imagined getting married? Did you have a location in mind? Choosing a location isn’t always easy, and it’s something many couples struggle to decide on. Everyone wants their wedding to be a complete success in the best location possible. But, why choose just one?!


Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant from Manchester, have “married” 66 times in more than 30 different countries. With a caravan that they’ve christened “Penny” accompanying them on their travels. Their journey has taken them through dozens of surprising places that have played witness to their love and union.

They started dating in 2008 and three years later they began to travel the world visiting countries on their route to Australia where they dreamed of living, stopping along the way to have traditional wedding ceremonies in each magical location that really captivated them. Since then, they have celebrated many unusual but incredible weddings, adapting to the customs and culture of each place they have visited.

Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Scotland, Spain, Mexico… Discover some of the beautiful images that their adventurous travels have given them!

savePakistan - Photo: Lisa Gant
Pakistan – Photo: Lisa Gant
saveBrazil - Photo: Vinicius Matos
Brazil – Photo: Vinicius Matos
save South Carolina - Photo: August T Michel
South Carolina – Photo: August T Michel
saveColombia - Photo: Juan Felipe Rubio
Colombia – Photo: Juan Felipe Rubio
Costa Rica – Photo: Kevin Heslin
saveScotland - Photo: Crear Photography
Scotland – Photo: Crear Photography
saveNicaragua - Photo: via viralnova.com
Nicaragua – Photo: via viralnova.com
saveWales - Photo: Nicola Ferguson
Wales – Photo: Nicola Ferguson
saveManchester - Photo: Jonny Draper
Manchester – Photo: Jonny Draper
saveCanada - Photo via viralnova.com
Canada – Photo via viralnova.com
saveHawaii - Photo: Julia Bach
Hawaii – Photo: Julia Bach
saveMexico - Photo: Dean Sanderson
Mexico – Photo: Dean Sanderson
saveNew Orleans - Photo: imaginephotoaz.com
New Orleans – Photo: imaginephotoaz.com
saveNew York - Photo: Donna Newman
New York – Photo: Donna Newman
saveSouth Africa - Photo: Kristina Stolijikovic
South Africa – Photo: Kristina Stolijikovic
saveTexas - Photo: Morgan Lynn and Amir Razi
Texas – Photo: Morgan Lynn and Amir Razi
saveManchester - Photo via viralnova.com
Manchester – Photo via viralnova.com
saveHungary - Photo: Flashkuvo
Hungary – Photo: Flashkuvo
saveHonduras - Photo via viralnova.com
Honduras – Photo via viralnova.com
saveHollywood - Photo via viralnova.com
Hollywood – Photo via viralnova.com
saveGuatemala - Photo: José Pablo Martínez Fotografía
Guatemala – Photo: José Pablo Martínez Fotografía
saveSpain - Photo: via viralnova.com
Spain – Photo: via viralnova.com
saveChile - Photo: via viralnova.com
Chile – Photo: via viralnova.com
saveBrazil - Photo: via viralnova.com
Brazil – Photo: via viralnova.com
saveCanada - Photo: via viralnova.com
Canada – Photo: via viralnova.com

Alex and Lisa even got married at 30,000 feet on board a flight to Tahiti!

Their first wedding was a traditional English ceremony in Manchester, attended by 40 of their closest friends. Lisa chose a stunning cream Charlotte Balbier gown, which she has worn at 14 of her subsequent weddings (including one underwater!) and carried a bouquet of peonies, sweet Williams, lavender, mint and vintage English rosebuds for her dream ceremony.

Believe it or not, the couple have yet to marry legally in any location including the UK! They wanted to experience a few ceremonies first hand as nothing appealed to them when researching and trying to think of wedding locations close to home. The loved up pair are enjoying life and their magnificent travels and have no intention of stopping until they find their dream location.

Where’s your wedding location? Have Alex and Lisa inspired you? Let us know! @Zankyou_UK


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