Discover the new hot trending accessory among brides to be in 2016!

2016 makes the clutch a must have for all brides to be. Stylish and practical. Look through our gallery of the cutest clutch bags to complete your wedding look!

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We’ve always thought that no wedding is complete without a beautiful bouquet. Tradition commands that we give it away to a good friend or throw it back to see our single guests try and catch it. The bouquet grabs attention and rightly so, but over the years the clutch has become a contender as a perfect alternative for those women who like to do things a little differently. Switch up a traditional bouquet for a cute clutch to complete your wedding outfit. We’ve found 30 gorgeous bags that can be matched up perfectly with your wedding dress!

They are perfect for chic city weddings and nuptials with a less formal feel or civil marriages. You can combine them with light dresses, short wedding dresses or two pieces and even with a wedding dress accompanied by a winter coat. It’s totally practical too, as you’ll be able to stash your phone and lipstick as well as tissues for those emotional moments, plus you’ll get plenty of wear out of it post wedding. Think sleek, embellished with beads and pearls, glittery jewels, and metallic tones, you can even opt for a bag with a hidden chain to work it as a shoulder bag.

Check out the fabulous clutch bags in our gallery, 30 different designs that give a different touch to your bridal style. Do you dare to switch up your bridal accessories? Either way It’s a very good excuse to buy a bag!

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