How to address formal wedding invitations by Style Me Pretty

How to address formal wedding invitations by Style Me Pretty

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For those of you having a summer wedding, you may be in full swing of sending out your wedding invitations, and for those of you yet to reach this stage of your wedding planning, maybe you’re unsure as to how to address them.

Traditionally wedding invitations are a formal thing. Not only do they announce your nuptials but they also provide your guests with all the information and details they need for your wedding, from ceremony time and location to reception details and often local accommodation and transport details too.

Wedding invitations nowadays aren’t as formal as they used to be. Couples like to get creative and be unique, some couples prefer the eco-friendly route of an email invitation, but for those of you sticking to tradition and formality and wondering what the correct way is to address someone on the invitation and on the envelope itself, the fab team at Style Me Pretty have put together this simple video for you.  Fear no more, help is at hand!

Video credits: Style Me Pretty via Youtube


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