Eco weddings: Get your DIY decor hat on

Eco weddings: Get your DIY decor hat on

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Something that we’re asked about more and more often are ecological weddings. As a nation, we’re more aware than ever about our environment, about recycling and it’s no wonder that more couples are choosing to bring this awareness into their wedding.

Weddings are huge costly things, no matter what size or how many guests and there can be lots of wastage involved. From your guests throwing away their invitations without recycling them, food at your venue going to waste and DJs, lighting and flashy dancefloor lights using up lots of electricity.

We’re not about to suggest that you don’t have a DJ or that you hold your wedding only during the day so that you don’t need to turn the lights on, but there are so many ways in which environmentally friendly elements can be incorporated into your big day.

Today, our gallery shows you pretty inspiration using recycled paper and origami. The ancient Japanese tradition of folding paper into cute shapes is a beautiful addition into any wedding with any colour scheme or theme and is so easy to make yourself. Not just origami either, recycled paper comes in many different shades too!

From your stationery and table settings to your cake and even your bouquet, why not do your bit for the planet and go eco DIY!

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